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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

How To Find Dry Cleaners in Singapore

Over the course of the past few years, there has been a push toward workplaces becoming more casual, and not necessarily requiring their workers to wear suits to work. While this is a definite departure from workplace culture even 20 years ago when it would have been completely unacceptable to not at least wear dress pants and a tie, the current push toward "business casual" is by no means a replacement. Every man should own at least two suits, and wear them in situations where you may feel the atmosphere is not accepting of street clothes.

One reason that culture has probably shifted away from the business environment being formal is that a man's suit cannot be washed at home, and needs to be dry cleaned in order to remain clean and sharp. This is illustrated by some designers attempting to make suits out of materials that do not need to be dry cleaned, however, these materials never have the crisp look that a traditional suit does. The debate over if the workplace should be casual or not will probably be decided on a case by case basis, but the fact remains that a professional man should own suits in case they are necessary for the situation and also that they should be regularly dry cleaned.

Dry cleaning is the process of using liquids that are not water to remove soil, odors, and stains from materials that cannot be washed with water. This liquid is specially formulated for this process and is then removed from the clothing using an "extruding" process. The clothing is then pressed using a professional pressing machine in order to look sharp, without wrinkles or stains. A dry cleaner will generally also offer other services that can repair and maintain your formal clothing. The inconvenience of taking clothing to the dry cleaner is being reduced by the fact that many dry cleaners now offer free pickup and delivery of your items right to your home or workplace, making it so that you do not have to take time out of your schedule in order to travel to their location.

In a nutshell, there are certain circumstances where you are going to need to have a formal look, even if you are not required to wear a suit to work. Keeping a fashionable suit in your closet for these times will assist you in keeping up appearances, and not looking like the worst dressed person at a formal gathering. If you do not know if a situation is formal, you should mistake on the side of caution and wear a suit. Once you have worn your suit at least twice, you should arrange for it to be dry cleaned in preparation for the next time it will be needed.

How To Find Dry Cleaners in Singapore

Over time, dry-cleaning was not a luxury affordable only to wealthy people. In fact, the discovery of new and safer chemical products, commercial investment, and the growing concept of cleaning and cleaning have put chemical cleaning within the reach of the person in general.

Today we see various dry cleaning shops almost in every commercial market. Few of them run as a single entity and few may be part of some cleaners chain. But, as a matter of fact, all of the cleaners are neither expert in their field nor they provide dry cleaning in actual.

Before going into a discussion about dry cleaners, it is better to understand the concept of dry cleaning first. This is a process of cleaning suits through organic solvents instead of water. This concept came into existence after an accidental discovery of Kerosene's use for cloths cleaning by Jean Baptiste Jolly in the early nineteenth century, who later on offered this service through his own company called dye-works.

Now, after little history, let's get back to our topic to search out a suitable dry cleaner for your suits. There may be various reasons with you for finding new cleaners like you may have shifted your area or you are not satisfied with your existing cleaner etc. In any case, you can find your right dry cleaner by using the following methods:

Ask people around you
There is another good method of finding a right dry cleaner i.e. asking the people around you. Ask especially from those whose outfit seems to be cleaned and clear. Start searching such a people in your area, or your workplace. If you don't find any then consider people around you in the church or public places. This way you might locate your right dry cleaner.
If you have collected enough information about the cleaners in your area from internet and telephone then you can ask people by referring particular dry cleaners, which will lead you towards a convenient search.

Go through the Telephone directory

Other than mere information from the internet, you can go through telephone directories either manual or online or you can collect contact numbers of the cleaners from their websites. This way you could have little interaction with the dry cleaners as well as their style of dealing with the customers. Even in this type of search, you would not be able to reach a satisfactory dry cleaner. You still need practical work exposure.

Stroll through shops
If you have not got your right cleaner using the above-mentioned methods then the time came for a little hectic and tedious style of searching i.e. stroll through cleaners shop one by one. In this door to door search, there is a question i.e. how you can find a right dry cleaner? First of all, learn if they are part of some cleaning company chain. Because business chains usually put some rules and regulations on their franchises to keep their standards. Another thing you can ask is their procedure of dry cleaning suit.

Use of Internet
The Internet is a big source of information. So you can use the internet to find various dry cleaners within your reach. But only through an internet search, you may not be able to find any good dry cleaner, unless you hand over your clothes for a practical. But what you can learn through the internet is the background, history, affiliation, services offered and experience of the dry cleaner.