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Monday, 11 June 2018

Types of Clothes That Need Dry Cleaning and Why?

Laundry is one of the most inevitable parts of our day-to-day life. Laundry means washing of all types of clothes to keep them clean like we clean our home every day. Some people wash their clothes at home whereas some who have busy work schedule and cannot spare time to wash their clothes usually go for laundry services for this purpose. But sometimes people have clothes with 'dry clean only' label. Such clothes need special treatment wile washing them. Such labels show that the quality of the related clothes can deteriorate if washed like you wash other clothes. These clothes need a special method to wash them, known as Dry Cleaning. Most of the professional laundry services also offer dry cleaning services.

More about Dry Cleaning 

The process of dry cleaning certain garments and clothes uses a particular type of chemical based solvent to remove the dirt and stains from those clothes instead of water and detergent. Any kind of soap and water is not used in dry cleaning as it has to clean the clothes without moistening them. Though the cleaning solvent used in dry cleaning is also a liquid but it does not moisten the clothes. The dirty clothes are dipped and soaked in a highly inflammable solvent to clean their stains and dirt with its help. Normally most of the professional dry cleaners use perchlorethylene for this purpose. It should be used carefully as it can be hazardous in case of mishandling the solvent. Generally the clothes made from delicate fabrics are dry cleaned as regular washing can damage their sheen and luxurious looks.

Types of clothes need to be dry cleaned

Some of the clothes require to be dry cleaned because their fabric needs special care and attention while cleaning them. These fabrics may include:

Cotton muslin or voile: By nature these two types of fabrics are very delicate. They have tendency to tear out if your wash them by your hands. So for this reason the clothes made from them need to be dry cleaned.

Silk: in order to protect the fibres of natural silk the fabrics containing over 60% Silk need dry cleaning to clean them. Normal washing of the clothes made from silk mixed fabrics can change their size and shape.

The fabrics of this type are not of rough and tough nature so to clean them spotlessly you should take them to professional dry cleaners.
Soft and velvety leather: When something spills on this type of fabrics then they may create serious problem for you. So they should be dry cleaned to give them special attention and care while cleaning them.

Embroidered, beaded and embellished garments: Clothes of such types also need special as they are likely to deteriorate if they are not cleaned by expert and experienced professional dry cleaners. 
Winter clothes: The clothes used in winter season are usually made from the fabrics different from that is used in summers or rainy season. So they need special care while washing them before storing them for next season. They can be ruined by the moth attack if stored without proper cleaning. In order to maintain their shape and sheen they have to be sent for proper dry cleaning.

Reasons to dry clean certain clothes

One of the main reasons of dry cleaning particular types of clothes is to increase their life and ensuring their best cleaning. Some of the other reasons of dry cleaning clothes may include:

Ensure the use of right chemical solvent: Professional dry cleaners use different types of cleaning materials to clean different types of clothes thoroughly. It may not be possible for you to choose right type of solvent for cleaning your delicate clothes yourself at home. So the best way of dry cleaning your delicate clothes is to avail the services of professional dry cleaners.

Proper drying of the clothes: Some delicate clothes need to be dried in specific temperature conditions to maintain their looks and size. It can be a challenging situation for you to dry them at home. Only experienced professional dry cleaner can dry your dry cleaned clothes without damaging them.

Reshape the odd shaped clothes: Certain delicate clothes like hats, ear muffs and gloves etc. lose their actual shape while washing them at home. You can reshape them before drying them after dry cleaning. Only a professional dry cleaner knows how to improve the shape of your precious clothes and how to retain their shape for long time

Protection of clothes: Certain clothes made from delicate fabrics like velvet, leather and suede may need special attention and care while cleaning them. Professional dry cleaners use special protective materials and conditioners to protect their sheen and softness. In this way you can keep your delicate and pricy clothes safe and wearable by cleaning them through professional dry cleaners because they know all the methods to protect your clothes every time.

Affordability: Most of the clothes having dry-clean-only label are not inexpensive. So it is still very affordable if you spend some extra money to maintain their looks and shape by cleaning them through a reputable dry cleaning service. You can wear your favourite clothes for long time even after spending some money on keeping them clean.

Stages of dry cleaning clothes

The process of dry cleaning clothes involves certain stages like:

Stage 1: Pre-treatment and removal of stains: Clothes are treated before dry cleaning them with a stain removing solution to remove all the stains completely and easily.

Stage 2: Dry Cleaning:
After removing stains the clothes are immersed in a chemical solvent in the dry-cleaning machine and washed thoroughly.

Stage 3: spotting after dry-cleaning: If any stain remains on the clothes even after dry cleaning then that is removed at this stage.

Stage 4: Finishing: At this stage creases are removed from the clothes by pressing and folding them to make them ready-to-wear.


Thus dry cleaning of certain clothes made from delicate fabrics and other materials is necessary to maintain their looks and shape. It is advisable to avail the services of professional dry cleaners for this purpose as they know what type of cleaning products and methods will be safe for the effective dry cleaning of your clothes.