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Friday, 18 November 2016

Dry Cleaning For Stubborn Stains

If you have kids at home, then it is very hard to keep your floor and carpets clean all the time. Babies loiter around on the floor most of the time, and a hygienic carpet or rug can cause serious harm. It is essential to keep these things clean all the time for the sake of your baby. Carpets and rugs are pretty hard and string; due to which they are difficult to clean and dry, and they take a long time to wash.

The best way to clean rugs and carpets is the process of dry cleaning; although the dry cleaning takes a pretty long time, it takes lesser time than the normal cleaning process. The clean carpets are not only visually satisfying, but they remain beautiful for a much longer period and are safe for the young kids. Dry cleaning has become a crucial part of our life nowadays; it provides several facilities that we do not get from the normal cleaning.

Normal cleaning using soap or detergent and water is easier, but they cannot clean the garments completely. It takes much less time, costs very little and can be done in the washing machines.

Dry cleaning is done by hands only, and the process takes longer time, but the process is safe, and the dry cleaning companies return the garments as good as new. Besides cleaning the rugs and carpets by this process, people also clean their favorite and delicate clothes by this process. Soft and delicate fabric garments can easily lose their smooth feeling and color if washed by the string detergents and water in the washing machines. But, if these garments are cleaned using the dry cleaning the methods, then they can stay as good as new for years.

Many people wash their wedding dresses by this process so that the memorable dress stays well for a long time. Dry cleaning also serves well for the cleaning the school uniform of the kids. Kids often return home with ink patches on their shirts. These patches are quite tough to clean within single night's time by the normal washing procedure, and this process cannot clean the ink patches completely. Dry cleaning works great for cleaning the ink stains from the shirts.

The process of dry cleaning the ink patches from the shirt is quite easy and can be done by an hour or so. For this process, you need the dry cleaning solvent and most importantly the ink remover; along with this, you should also have paper tissues, cotton swabs, etc. Proper application of the liquids can clean the shirts completely, and your kid can use the shirt again the next day.

Dry cleaning has become quite popular all over the world, and most people use the expert dry cleaners to get their favorite dresses cleaned up. The dry cleaning companies provide excellent cleaning services, and they return the dresses as good as new when you hire them to clean your clothes. They use several necessary steps to dry clean the clothes completely

Top 5 Reasons You Should Go For Dry Cleaning

While there are many methods of cleaning your clothes, ever wondered why people still choose to go for dry cleaning? Is it simply to remove harsh and stubborn stains? Truth be told, professional dry cleaning goes well above and beyond the conventional "stain removal."

So the next time, you see a 'Dry Clean Only' tag on your new suit, don't cringe. Just remember these top 5 reasons:

Reason 1: It Prolongs the Wear-Life of Your Clothes
Are you willing to allocate a good portion of your paycheck on new clothes every month? Because if you continue subjecting it to harsh chemicals through conventional washing, chances are they're not going to last you very long! Go for the practical and proven dry cleaning technology that protects your clothing, so you get to wear them longer.

Reason 2: It Is the Ultimate Stain Remover
It might be a surprise, but when it comes to winning the war of stain removal, dry cleaning reins the supreme winner. Hands down! Stubborn stains such as grease, oil, food are easily dissolved during dry cleaning, as opposed to washing.

Reason 3: Makes Your Older Garments Still Look New
Dry cleaning uses special organic compounds for the cleaning of clothes. With their expert knowledge, they can not only preserve the brightness but also salvage a dull article of clothing by restoring its luminosity and transforming it to appear new!

Reason 4: Say No To Shrink
On a laundry day, how often have you taken your attires out of the washer only to find one, 2 sizes too short? There goes your favorite formal shirt! Let's face it. Clothes don't come cheap. Fabrics such as silk and wool have a tendency to shrink during conventional washing. Furthermore, there is a risk of dullness and texture change. On the flipside, these garments retain their original condition when dry-cleaned.

Reason 5: You Now Save Time & Money
That's right. Where at one point in time, your dry cleaning was associated with tedious and time consuming trips to the dry cleaners, you can now take advantage of professional dry cleaning pickup and delivery. Furthermore, they offer the most competitive pricing!

You have to understand that this process includes the use of an organic solvent which does not act as a laundry detergent and even does not use water. By doing so, it helps in maintaining the stuff/ material of the clothes which react with friction or water. A wide variety of clothes like dresses, suits require the sensitive wash to maintain the quality, and that is the reason why dry cleaning has become a critical need for some people.

Note that, this activity facilitates the extension of the lifespan of any garment that comes with it, and the solvents which are used during the process are specifically made that the fabric neither fade nor shrink. Remember one thing; clothes may have the tendency to get damaged little bit when they come under this process, but with the high-quality solvent and equipment, clothes will be less expected to get damaged. When the clothes get cleaned, then dry- cleaners pack all the washed clothes in a bag to provide the delivery in a safe manner.

Therefore, to remove the tough stains without affecting the fabric, dry cleaning has become the preferred choice of many people. So, if you require the best dry cleaning service in Singapore.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How To Remove Stains On Shirt

No one in Singapore can want to see his/her cloth stained whether it is new or old. Just like any other part of the world, Singapore is an ever busy place and sometimes people may not find time to deal with the stains on their clothes. However, you can be interested and give it a try, to remove stains on your shirt by yourself.

In this case, what you first need to understand is that the stain removal on your shirt depends largely on three main factors. These include the stain nature, the fabric type and the colorfastness of the dye. It is also important to know that the stain removal agent you are using may not work for some fabrics and dyes like ink and dried paint may be impossible to remove. It is also advisable that you do not iron your stained or soiled shirt because this will simply drive deep the stain into the fabric making the stain even harder to remove from the shirt.

Getting Rid of Stain on Shirt
Though you can prevent stain setting, this is still not sufficient because not all the stains will get removed just by dabbing water on them. However, there are some basic steps you can take to get the stains completely removed from the shirt. The following are the steps you need to take.

STEP ONE: Getting the Appropriate Solvent

Large percentage of the household products can be treated with the common commercial products or food supplies. As you choose the solvent, try to understand what dissolves the stain you are handling the safety of appliance on the shirt that has the stain. Using a wrong product may land you into damaging the cloth. The best way therefore to go about it is to look at the label on the shirt. This is always the best guide you can ever get for that particular cloth. The main thing you need to look on the label is the type of the fabric. The following are the common fabrics and how to remove stains from them.

I. Wool fabric
Wool is very sensitive to heat and needs gentle treatment. Ensure that you lay the shirt of this fabric flat after soaking to prevent any distortion. You can treat it with lukewarm water or any other wool-safe detergent. You need to do this as fast as possible then get it on a dry cleaner at the first opportunity.

II. Cotton Fabric
This type of fabric can endure soaking, heat and drying. Feel free to use warm water on it. It is also very do bleaching on a white cotton though it may seem to be hard on the fabric. You can therefore apply bleaches that are chlorine in nature as a last resort but ensure that you dilute them properly. The best stain removal treatment for cotton fabric are light acids like vinegar and lemon juice but other detergents may also apply.

III. Silk Fabric
This type of fabric is usually very temparamental and you can treat the stains on this fabric with water rather than allowing the wet spot to dry by its own. Ensure that you rinse the shirt thoroughly or else you may get water spotting hence becoming even worse than the stain. For the silk fabric, you can apply glycerin stain remover since it is neutral and effective.

IV. Synthetic Fabrics
Treating synthetics may in regard of the material of the shirt. For the case of rayon and polyester, you can scrub and wash harsher than cotton. However, hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizing bleaches may destroy them. Therefore, it is advisable that you use a dish soap for the case of grease or heavy stains.

Regardless of the fabric type you are working with, try and do a testing on the stain remover on the shirt. Before you apply the stain remover to your shirt, ensure that it does not damage the fabric. Only water can be used without testing but still it has to be at the right temperature.

STEP TWO: Apply the Appropriate Method

After you have tested and identified the fabric you are dealing with, you can now follow the following steps.

i. Water Soaking the Stain
Immediately you realize the stain on your shirt, soak it with water while putting on the shirt. You can dab the stain with water using tissue paper as soon as you can but ensure that the water is at room temperature. Ensure that the whole stain is soaked.

ii. Applying an Absorbent

Now remove the shirt and rewet the stain as you apply an absorbent like salt, talcum powder or cornstarch. Know that these absorbents only work best for cotton but salt might not be suitable for wool. Allow the absorbent to sit on the stain for about ten to fifteen minutes then rinse the rest of the absorbent with water after scrapping it off.

iii. Applying the Solvent

Lightly apply your solvent on the shirt just underneath the stain. This is because you will want the solvent to soak through and drive back the stain to the surface rather than deeper into the fabric. Also applying the solvent to the inside gives you security in that if at all the solvent destroys the fabric it remains invisible.

iv. Laying the Shirt

After applying the solvent appropriately, now lay the shirt a paper towel that is clean with face down. This will give the chemicals that cause the stains something they can soak into. The paper towel will also give the stain somewhere to go. Allow the shirt to rest there for around one hour. It is important to know that there are different reaction times for different solvents and therefore you need to give it time.

v. Giving the Shirt a Final Rinse

You now need to give the shirt a final rinse to remove the solvent and the stain. If possible, wash it immediately either through dry-cleaning or taking it to a laundry machine.

Understand that some of the stains can be removed simply by dry cleaning or by a wash but it is vital employ specific treatment also. For delicate silks or wool, the best thing will be water. However, if you feel that you cannot handle the stain removal by yourself, seek assistance from a professional laundry services in Singapore.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Can Curtains be Dry Cleaned?

Nice curtains improve and enhance the aesthetics, ambience, and appearance of every room in your house. Decorative curtains are even more attractive and can reveal your artistic interest to your visitors. It’s therefore important to ensure that they stay in good condition by regularly cleaning them.

Just like every furniture, upholstery, and floors, your curtains need to be cleaned to remove soiling and dust accumulation. Curtains actually tend to absorb smells from around your home such as cooking aromas, smoke from grills if the windows are open, car fumes, dust as well as cigarette smoke.

Once they become soiled, they tend to look less attractive, and their appearance may start to change. The curtains may also become heavily discoloured. Soiled curtains may also affect the overall appearance of your house. What your curtains need is proper cleaning to restore their beauty and attractiveness and improve their overall appearance.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

It’s possible to dry clean curtains. However, you should note that not all curtains can be dry cleaned. Only those with label instructions stated as “Dry Clean” should be dry cleaned. If the instructions say the curtains are for dry cleaning, then don’t attempt washing them with water and liquid detergent. If the curtains are not for dry cleaning, then do not dry clean them. These special cleaning instructions are put on labels with a good reason; such as the occurrence of fabric damage.

All the same, dry cleaning curtains is arguably one of the most effective ways to eliminate accumulated dirt, dust, allergens, and even mites. These culprits can build up even in the cleanest homes and create an unhealthy environment.

If it’s your first time dry cleaning curtains and have got no idea how to go about it, don’t worry. Below are some step-by-step instructions on how to go about getting your drapes nice, clean, and fresh.

Read the Instructions Carefully
• Just like stated earlier, the first and most important step towards cleaning curtains is to read, understand, and follow the instructions. If the instruction label says that the curtains should be dry cleaned, then don’t try washing it. If the curtain instructions label does not recommend dry cleaning, then do attempt to.

Take Curtains Down and Remove all Rods, Pins, and Hooks
• Before you begin to dry clean the curtains, remove the rods, pins, and hooks. This will make it simpler to dust and clean them and you’ll also be able to inspect stains if any. Also, removing the pins and hooks is important to prevent tearing the curtains while cleaning or during inspection. Put them aside and place your curtains in a dry cleaner.

Spot-Clean the Curtains
• If the curtains have stains, spot cleaning is recommended. This is because it’s less labour intensive and less time consuming. In other words, when you spot clean, dry-cleaning will be much easier and faster. If you have a home dry cleaning kit, the better.

• Apply the pretreatment solution onto the stains as per the instructions. Rinse as directed and allow them to dry.

Dry Clean According to Instructions Provided
• You need to have enough home dry cleaning kits especially if you need to clean the entire curtain.

• Clean the curtains as per the manufacture’s instructions. Failure to follow the instructions can cause damage to the curtains. Read the instructions to avoid such mistakes and get your drapes clean and fresh.

Iron the Clean Curtains
• Now that you’re done dry cleaning your curtains, it’s time to iron them. The curtains may become wrinkled a bit during cleaning. Ironing them out will help remove the wrinkles. Use the lowest iron settings while ironing. Curtains made from polyester or nylon may burn when ironed in high-heat settings- of course, you wouldn’t want this to happen.

• Once you’re done ironing, hang them back up on after replacing the pins and hooks.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning Curtains

The dry cleaning process involves the use of organic solvents to get rid of dirt and stains in fabrics. Little or no water is used. With curtains, dry cleaning comes with a number of benefits. There are various reasons why dry cleaning curtains is much better than washing them.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of dry cleaning curtains.

• Dry Cleaning is Gentle on Curtain Fabrics
Unlike other cleaning methods such as hand washing or steaming, dry cleaning curtains is much gentle on the fabrics. The process does not involve the use of pressure or gripping- only organic solvents and the dry cleaning machine are used.

As a result, it helps prolong the lifespan of your curtains and helps them retain their shape and appearance.

• Prevents Shrinkage and Excessive Wrinkle Formation
One big advantage with dry cleaning curtains is that there is no shrinkage or excessive wrinkle formation. The curtains come up clean, smooth, and straight. The few wrinkles formed can be easily ironed.

• Enables Easy Stain Removal
Dry cleaning involves the use of powerful organic solvents which work to remove stubborn or tough stains on the curtains. The solvents are also able to remove mold and fungus on the curtains. That’s why dry cleaning is a much better curtain cleaning method compared to hand washing or machine washing.

• Eliminates Bad Odours
Curtains collect bad odours very easily. Luckily, the solvents used in dry cleaning not only remove even the toughest stains, but also eliminate bad odours trapped in between the curtain fabric.

• Increases the Life-Span of Your Curtains
Because no pressure or gripping is used during cleaning, dry cleaning will certainly prolong the lifespan of your curtains.

Using Professional Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

If you don’t have the time to clean your curtains, taking them to professional dry cleaners is another great option. Of course you’ll spend a few dollars, but it’s certainly worth it because professional cleaners are handling your curtains. Professional curtain cleaners got the skills, expertise, and the right equipment and cleaning products to ensure that your curtains are left spotlessly clean and increase their lifespan.

In Singapore, there are many professional curtain dry cleaners. However, not all can meet your expectations. It’s advisable to use recommendations from friends and family to get the best and high-quality services.

As you’ve learned, dry cleaning curtains is possible. As long as the right instructions are followed, the outcome should be satisfactory. Dry cleaning your curtain will leave them clean and fresh and will improve the appearance of your house now more than ever.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Is Rug Cleaning Expensive in Singapore?

If you have never heard your rug cleaned by professionals before, you might probably be a little in the dark about the procedure involved as well as cost expectations. The truth of the matter is that every company has their own way of fixing and calculating prices so that guesswork won't be of much help in this area. Is run cleaning expensive in Singapore? No, the cost of cleaning varies widely depending on the method, the level of expertise of the cleaner, and also your location.

There are, however, two simple ways to ascertain the cost of rug cleaning that would apply in most parts of the world, including Singapore.

Two ways to calculate cleanup cost

1. On room basis: This is probably the most used method of fixing prices by professional rug cleaners. Without many complicated calculations, the cleaner can provide a reasonably accurate price offer over the phone without needing to go on the site. Usually, the price includes pre-treatment as well as standard sporting. In this mode of cleaning, the cleaner would generally assume that the room size is somewhere between 200 and 350 sq ft, but this too may depend on the area you decide. Anything bigger than 350 sq ft may mean that you have to pay the full price of more than one room.

2. Square foot basis: Contrary to the room basis, this method requires the carpet cleaner actually to visit the site and get an accurate measurement of the room area. Some professionals prefer to take the measurement of the entire room while others just measure the open space around the furniture. Most of the time both of these ways to take measurements arrive at the same price when they multiply the number by the square foot rate. This method too should involve pretreatment and ordinary spotting costs.

Tips on how to save money

1. Get a bulk pricing quote: Homeowners can save money on professional rug cleaning services by combining two or more services together. Cleaning companies offer combo deals that include cleaning carpets, area rug, as well as furniture. If you want to save some money, then go for the bulk cleaning option as it will be available at a discounted rate.

2. Schedule annual cleaning contracts: When you place your loyalty with a company, you can expect them to reward you one way or another. Most cleaning companies reward their regular clients by giving them discounts on their services. If you have a good estimate of how frequently you need to have your rugs cleaned, then go for a contract deal that would save you both time and hassle from calling up the service providers time and again.

3. Dropping off the rugs at the service location: By dropping of your rugs at the service station, you'll be saving some money because the cleaners don't have to come to your place and spend time taking measurements and then do their job of cleaning. You might incur some cost related to transport, but that should be a lot less than what you would spend in order to have the cleaning professionals over at your place.

How often should you hire cleaning services

The biggest mistake many homeowners make is that they only obtain services of professionals once in several years. This is the wrong approach to cleaning your rugs and carpets because your leading dust, dirt, and other debris accumulate for too long. If you have a busy room, then you should at least get the carpets cleaned twice every year and rooms that have less traffic should have the carpets cleaned at least once a year.

Cleaning is highly essential not only to maintain the aesthetic value of your home but also keep it free from germs and other bacteria that might be lurking in the rug fabric.

What to look for in the ideal rug cleaner

1. Trustworthy services: When your carpets are filthy, and you want them to be cleaned, the cleaning service providers should be professional and be on time. There should also be honest about their pricing policies and charge you according to the amount of material you want to be cleaned and not anything extra. A repeated cleaning company should be able to provide you exact quotes without going into too many complications.

2. Experienced staff: You should only go for a company where the staff has been professionally trained to conduct cleaning services. Their mannerism and behavior should be professional so that you do not feel any hesitation of explaining your problems related to rugs and carpets. Experienced staff will also get the work done quickly and with the least amount of invasive techniques.

3. No hidden charges: Be sure to double check the price list and ask if there are any concealed charges involved. Most reputed cleaners do not have any hidden fees in their price policy because they value transparency and put the requirements of their customers above everything else.

4. Positive customer feedback: A decent cleaning company will have a significant number of positive reviews based on user experience. You should check the companies online profile not only to test the kind of services they offer, but also candid customer reviews and how they feel about the enterprise. This is a surefire way to separate a good cleaner from the wrong.

5. Palatable results: With time, your rugs will experience fading and wear and tear; so the carpet cleaning company has to keep in mind to treat the material in a way so that it does not deteriorate further and condition remains as good as possible. Top notch cleaning companies employ highly sophisticated methods to clean different types of fabric that ensure your rug will remain as good as it was before the cleanup.

So, now you know the ways in which cleaning companies decide their prices, the ideal frequency of cleaning that would keep your rugs good as new, and considerations on how to choose the perfect cleaning company. All you have to do is make a local listing of all the businesses in your area in Singapore and inquire about the costs involved in cleaning, based on your requirements.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How To Keep Your Closet Clean & Tidy

Cleaning Out Your Closet
 Nobody likes to clean, well, almost nobody.Your closet is one of the most high-traffic areas of your home. You use it daily, and because you do, it tends to become a dumping ground for some different items.

Fall is a great time to clean closets--maybe because many of us look at fall as a time of renewal (back to school and back to regular schedules). Cleaning closets does not have to be stressful, although I won't kid you, it can take a bit of time. But it's time well spent in the long run.Clearing your closet helps to clear your schedule and your mind - along with lots of image obstacle clutter that may be standing between you and your career goals.

Before you even start to think about your closet, make a list of all the items you will use when you clean your closet. This would include major equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, floor polisher, carpet shampooer, and sweepers. Smaller items like brushes, gloves, work clothes, and rags should be looked at as well. Last but not least are all the cleaning products you use. Like most things, cleaning products have a shelf life. This is a good opportunity to see how often you do use a certain product and if it's still fresh enough to be effective.

Now that you have an inventory of your cleaning equipment and supplies, you will have a better idea of how much closet storage space you will need. If your space allows, you may find it better to create more than one closet, perhaps one in the bathroom or laundry room to make it more convenient.

Here are a few handy steps to help you on your way:

Step one:
Strip. Strip down your closet of everything inside. Take everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, out of your closet. Start with a clean slate. The only way to straighten out not only your wardrobe but also your mind, is to do what you dread of; empty your closet space. Although some might think that this is actually an unnecessary step, I strongly recommend you to reconsider. By pulling every piece of garment outside your closet's space, you will actually get a chance to check what exactly you have been hiding in there; for who knows how long. By emptying your closet, the mess you now think as inevitable might become an organized zone of personal enhancement that you have never before dreamt of having.

Step two: 
Sort. With all items removed from your closet, you can begin sorting through what you need to keep, what you can donate and what needs to be tossed out because no one will want THAT old thing. Make piles for all these items. You will be tempted to start putting items back in your closet, piece-meal, but don't do it. Wait until you have a final pile of items that you are keeping before adding anything back to your closet.

Step three:
Clean it up. Before you start thinking about what to put where; before you hang up your clothes, now is a good time to clean that closet. Vacuum the floor and wipe down any corners and baseboards. Give closet walls and doors a wipe-down with a vinegar/water solution (one part vinegar to two parts water).

Step four
: Now that you have "everything out in the open," it is time to begin the inverse process. Putting everything back inside the closet is the step that you will need some creative thinking to manage the volume of the things that are now scattered all around the room. Cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and every other type of small storage containers can keep your outfits and bedclothes in-order.

Creating handwritten labels and adding ribbons for some color, will give you an outcome that is usually portrayed in glossy house magazines. Purchase the right type of hangers for your clothes and place them in your closet according to their type and height when hanged. Keep shirts closer together, hang pants about their use and place your various accessories in containers that you can easily reach later (i.e. on the floor or lower drawers). Designate a space to put the clothes which are not currently in season, like heavy overcoats when it is summer or you were bathing suit when it is winter. Hats can be placed in bigger baskets, belts can be hanged on the back of your closet doors, and shoes can be placed on specially designed ranks on the floor.

Finally, remember to give away clothes, shoes, accessories or other things you never wear or use. Your local church charities can be a perfect opportunity for you to show that you are a philanthropist while a variety of organizations offer house pick-up services to take clothes and give them to those less fortunate than yourself. Cleaning-up the messy closet will let you again experience how it feels to be organized. Additionally, you will always be prepared to put something on that it is not full of wrinkles or needs immediate washing. You can also invite over a friend to help you out, as another person's feedback on your current wardrobe can give you a hint on what you should focus on purchasing next time you are about to do some "serious" shopping.

When it comes to cleaning out your closet, all it takes is a little will, a little drive, and a few garbage bags that may lead you to make even some money while doing it. Once you dive in, you will find that it isn't nearly as dreadful and boring as you imagined. In fact, you may even find a few treasures you forgot you had treasures that have been kept hidden under a mass of clothing, shoes, and who knows what else in your closet. So get the shovel because it's time to do some clearing out!

All things considered, your diligent work, venture back and completely appreciate the your reward for all the hard work. How would you feel? Quite remunerating, eh? You will all of a sudden ordeal a feeling of mental clarity and smoothness as a consequence of days.