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Friday, 23 October 2015

How To Choose The Right Industrial Carpet Cleaning Service?

Cleanliness is a very vital aspect of a business, which must be highly considered. Most of the businesses in Singapore have carpets in their offices. The carpets help to make a room more elegant and at times, it can help to keep the room warm, depending on the type. Unless the carpet is clean enough, the office may not be the best place to be. A dirty carpet, or one that has not been well cleaned might have an unpleasant smell. Also, the quality of the carpet might also diminish. All this will be brought about by the cleaning process or materials. You must choose the right industrial carpet cleaning company, if you want to get the most of it all. Here is a guide to help you choose the right company to clean your business carpet.

1. Consider the training

Cleaning a carpet is not all about dipping it in water, like any other piece of cloth, then place it in the air to dry. On the contrary, carpet cleaning needs a professional way to go about it. Until a company steps out to offer industrial carpet cleaning services, it must be fully trained in the best way to clean a carpet. You might want to ask the company about the training they have on their cleaners. The company shouldn’t jut hire anyone, for the sake of offering them employment. Ensure you are aware of the recommended method of training. There are institutions that offer training to carpet cleaners.

2. Consider the operation period

Unless a company has been in the carpet cleaning business for long enough, they cannot fully offer the required services. It is important to consider the number of years that the cleaning company has been in service. A rational period is about 5 years, which is a period, long enough for the company to have enough experience in the industrial carpet cleaning.

3. What about the cleaning equipments?

You should also consider the set of equipment that the particular company has. You should look at the tools that they have, the materials, as well as the cleaning solutions. Normally, if the carpet is cleaned with the wrong equipments, it might not last for long enough. Some tools will only diminish the carpet, instead of actually cleaning it. For that, you will want to ask the company about the tools that they have. You should also be keen on the cleaning solutions. There are some specific solutions that have been recommended by the health board, whereas others have been prohibited. That implies that there are some cleaning solutions that are risky both to the health of a person and the value of the carpet.

4. Consider the cleaning methods that are available

There are very many types of carpets in Singapore and every carpet will have a special way of cleaning it. For that matter, you will want to consider the cleaning methods that are available in a particular company, in relation to the type of the carpet and the situation as well. The weather will also matter when it comes to the cleaning method. Ensure that the company has different ways to clean your carpet and they must be flexible enough. If your carpet only needs dry cleaning, then the company must be able to do that.

5. How happy are the customers?

The customers are among the most important things that you will need to look at, when you want to determine the reliability of a carpet cleaning company. You can ask specific customers about the service of that industrial carpet cleaning company. You might want to visit the review section of the company’s website and check out what the customers has to say. Most of your answers can be found there. If you are looking at the testimonials, don’t always rely on the ones on the site. Rather, talk directly to a customer and get the real and genuine information.

6. Is there a guarantee?

You should also consider if the work of that company is guaranteed. A company that is able to provide quality service must be ready to offer you a guarantee policy. Most of the leading companies that offer high quality industrial carpet cleaning services will have a money-back guarantee. That implies that you will be sure of a satisfied service from the company and if you are not satisfied, you can claim your money back. Always consider the guarantee offered, which assures you of a reliable cleaning service.

7. What are the costs of hiring them?

The cost is a factor that many people ignore. You should always go for a company that offers affordable services. This implies that the company must be able to give you quotes that are reasonable and those that will not cost too much. On the contrary, companies that offer extra cheap services might mean that they are not very much qualified or their services might not be of a high quality. Choose a company that is reasonable in terms of the cost.

8. Are they informative?

This implies that the company that you want to hire must have valuable information on how to take care of your carpet. That company should provide you with the necessary information that will help you keep your carpet clean at all times. It should not only be there for you to call them whenever you need to clean your company. When the company gives you the tips on taking care and cleaning your carpet, you will be able to save money and also be more responsible.

9. Their availability

The company must be readily available when you need them to clean your company. For that, ensure that they are near enough to your business unit, this will help to keep your business clean enough. Even if it is working online, ensure that they are able to get to your location in the shortest time possible.

When choosing an industrial carpet cleaning company, ensure that you also know about their specialization in industrial carpet cleaning. This will prove that they can take a good care of your office carpet in the most professional way.