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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dry Cleaning Vs Coin Laundry

People can have different views on dry cleaning and coin laundry. Some people can say that coin laundry is better while others may say that dry cleaning is much better option for any kind of cleaning. Well, if I give you my opinion for same then I would say dry cleaning is always better compared to coin laundry and I have my set of reason also to have this opinion. To help you more in this regard here is simple dry cleaning vs coin laundry compassion and then you can understand why I give more value to dry cleaning.

Cost effectiveness:

Mostly people choose the coin laundry option because they get a chance to save money in this kind of cleaning. However, fact is just opposite to this because you get a chance to save more money in dry cleaning process. When you go for coin laundry, then you need to go to a particular place and you will need to pay money for your transportation as well along with other cleaning. Also, you need to press your dresses after coin laundry part is done and that would also consume electricity. That means you will need to invest money for that as well to have clean and wearable clothes. But, if you will give the clothes for dry cleaning, then you will not need to worry about other expenses and you will be able to get the services in a highly cost effective manner.

The biggest benefit that I like about dry cleaning is that you get complete convenience with it. When you choose the dry cleaning service for cleaning of your clothes then you simply get in touch with a dry cleaning service and then they can pick up the cloths for you from your place. That means you will get a lot of convenience from dry cleaning work. However, you cannot have this kind of convinces if you do the cleaning using coin laundry service. In that option you will have to go to the shop for coin laundry and you will need to do each and every work by yourself. So, if I would say that great continence is a factor that you can get only with dry cleaning but not with the coin laundry, then there is nothing wrong in that.

Suitability for clothes:
If you want to wash your polyester cloths then you can choose the coin laundry service and you might get good result also with that. But I cannot say that it is suitable for all kind of clothes because you cannot get good result with it in all the clothes. If you will try to wash some bigger clothes such as bed sheets then you might not get any good result with that. However, you will not have any trouble in the cleaning part because dry cleaning can do all kind of cleaning for you and for all kind of clothes. That means if you have dirty bigger clothes in your house, then you can choose the dry cleaning method for that. Also, some dresses such as velvet are not suitable for coin laundry and you need to use only dry cleaning method for that kind of cloths as well. Therefore for it is safe to say that dry cleaning is suitable for all kind of clothes in any condition.

Time saving:
When you wash your clothes using coin laundry service, then you need to go to the service center and then you need to do the cleaning by yourself. Also, if you will do the washing on a busy day such as Saturday or Sunday then you may get some extra crowd also at coin laundry service. That means you may need to invest more time in this work and you will end up consuming a lot of time in the cleaning process. But if we talk about the dry cleaning service then you can simply give the clothes to the service provider and then you can get the cleaning in easy manner. Also, your dry cleaning agency can pick the clothes from your home and they can drop it back to you at your home also after the cleaning process is completed. So, that is one more positive thing that you can get only with dry cleaning service but not with coin laundry service.

Better cleaning:
When you do the coin laundry work then you not always get the perfect cleaning from it. If you will try to clean your shirt then color and cuffs of your dirty shirts may not get as clean as you want it to be. Also, you might not be able to get rid of the stains and mark that you may get on your clothes if you will dry the coin laundry cleaning method. But if you will use dry cleaning method then it will not only remove all the stains from it, but you will be able to get better cleaning with it. So, if I would say that if you will choose a good quality dry cleaning services then it will not only reduce your trouble, but it will help you get better cleaning as well in easy manner.

Freedom from laundry work:
When you do the laundry work using coin laundry service, then you will need to iron your cloths as well. Other than this you will have to do other work as well in your laundry service. But you will not have this problem if you will use dry cleaning service because they will do all the laundry work for you and you will not need to do any extra efforts in that. Hence, that is one more benefit that you get with dry cleaning work but not with coin laundry system. So, now you know all the things about dry cleaning vs coin laundry and if you are still not sure about the right method of cleaning then you can take your decision in a wise manner on the basis of these things that I am sharing with you.


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