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Friday, 23 October 2015

How To Choose The Right Industrial Carpet Cleaning Service?

Cleanliness is a very vital aspect of a business, which must be highly considered. Most of the businesses in Singapore have carpets in their offices. The carpets help to make a room more elegant and at times, it can help to keep the room warm, depending on the type. Unless the carpet is clean enough, the office may not be the best place to be. A dirty carpet, or one that has not been well cleaned might have an unpleasant smell. Also, the quality of the carpet might also diminish. All this will be brought about by the cleaning process or materials. You must choose the right industrial carpet cleaning company, if you want to get the most of it all. Here is a guide to help you choose the right company to clean your business carpet.

1. Consider the training

Cleaning a carpet is not all about dipping it in water, like any other piece of cloth, then place it in the air to dry. On the contrary, carpet cleaning needs a professional way to go about it. Until a company steps out to offer industrial carpet cleaning services, it must be fully trained in the best way to clean a carpet. You might want to ask the company about the training they have on their cleaners. The company shouldn’t jut hire anyone, for the sake of offering them employment. Ensure you are aware of the recommended method of training. There are institutions that offer training to carpet cleaners.

2. Consider the operation period

Unless a company has been in the carpet cleaning business for long enough, they cannot fully offer the required services. It is important to consider the number of years that the cleaning company has been in service. A rational period is about 5 years, which is a period, long enough for the company to have enough experience in the industrial carpet cleaning.

3. What about the cleaning equipments?

You should also consider the set of equipment that the particular company has. You should look at the tools that they have, the materials, as well as the cleaning solutions. Normally, if the carpet is cleaned with the wrong equipments, it might not last for long enough. Some tools will only diminish the carpet, instead of actually cleaning it. For that, you will want to ask the company about the tools that they have. You should also be keen on the cleaning solutions. There are some specific solutions that have been recommended by the health board, whereas others have been prohibited. That implies that there are some cleaning solutions that are risky both to the health of a person and the value of the carpet.

4. Consider the cleaning methods that are available

There are very many types of carpets in Singapore and every carpet will have a special way of cleaning it. For that matter, you will want to consider the cleaning methods that are available in a particular company, in relation to the type of the carpet and the situation as well. The weather will also matter when it comes to the cleaning method. Ensure that the company has different ways to clean your carpet and they must be flexible enough. If your carpet only needs dry cleaning, then the company must be able to do that.

5. How happy are the customers?

The customers are among the most important things that you will need to look at, when you want to determine the reliability of a carpet cleaning company. You can ask specific customers about the service of that industrial carpet cleaning company. You might want to visit the review section of the company’s website and check out what the customers has to say. Most of your answers can be found there. If you are looking at the testimonials, don’t always rely on the ones on the site. Rather, talk directly to a customer and get the real and genuine information.

6. Is there a guarantee?

You should also consider if the work of that company is guaranteed. A company that is able to provide quality service must be ready to offer you a guarantee policy. Most of the leading companies that offer high quality industrial carpet cleaning services will have a money-back guarantee. That implies that you will be sure of a satisfied service from the company and if you are not satisfied, you can claim your money back. Always consider the guarantee offered, which assures you of a reliable cleaning service.

7. What are the costs of hiring them?

The cost is a factor that many people ignore. You should always go for a company that offers affordable services. This implies that the company must be able to give you quotes that are reasonable and those that will not cost too much. On the contrary, companies that offer extra cheap services might mean that they are not very much qualified or their services might not be of a high quality. Choose a company that is reasonable in terms of the cost.

8. Are they informative?

This implies that the company that you want to hire must have valuable information on how to take care of your carpet. That company should provide you with the necessary information that will help you keep your carpet clean at all times. It should not only be there for you to call them whenever you need to clean your company. When the company gives you the tips on taking care and cleaning your carpet, you will be able to save money and also be more responsible.

9. Their availability

The company must be readily available when you need them to clean your company. For that, ensure that they are near enough to your business unit, this will help to keep your business clean enough. Even if it is working online, ensure that they are able to get to your location in the shortest time possible.

When choosing an industrial carpet cleaning company, ensure that you also know about their specialization in industrial carpet cleaning. This will prove that they can take a good care of your office carpet in the most professional way.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dry Cleaning Vs Coin Laundry

People can have different views on dry cleaning and coin laundry. Some people can say that coin laundry is better while others may say that dry cleaning is much better option for any kind of cleaning. Well, if I give you my opinion for same then I would say dry cleaning is always better compared to coin laundry and I have my set of reason also to have this opinion. To help you more in this regard here is simple dry cleaning vs coin laundry compassion and then you can understand why I give more value to dry cleaning.

Cost effectiveness:

Mostly people choose the coin laundry option because they get a chance to save money in this kind of cleaning. However, fact is just opposite to this because you get a chance to save more money in dry cleaning process. When you go for coin laundry, then you need to go to a particular place and you will need to pay money for your transportation as well along with other cleaning. Also, you need to press your dresses after coin laundry part is done and that would also consume electricity. That means you will need to invest money for that as well to have clean and wearable clothes. But, if you will give the clothes for dry cleaning, then you will not need to worry about other expenses and you will be able to get the services in a highly cost effective manner.

The biggest benefit that I like about dry cleaning is that you get complete convenience with it. When you choose the dry cleaning service for cleaning of your clothes then you simply get in touch with a dry cleaning service and then they can pick up the cloths for you from your place. That means you will get a lot of convenience from dry cleaning work. However, you cannot have this kind of convinces if you do the cleaning using coin laundry service. In that option you will have to go to the shop for coin laundry and you will need to do each and every work by yourself. So, if I would say that great continence is a factor that you can get only with dry cleaning but not with the coin laundry, then there is nothing wrong in that.

Suitability for clothes:
If you want to wash your polyester cloths then you can choose the coin laundry service and you might get good result also with that. But I cannot say that it is suitable for all kind of clothes because you cannot get good result with it in all the clothes. If you will try to wash some bigger clothes such as bed sheets then you might not get any good result with that. However, you will not have any trouble in the cleaning part because dry cleaning can do all kind of cleaning for you and for all kind of clothes. That means if you have dirty bigger clothes in your house, then you can choose the dry cleaning method for that. Also, some dresses such as velvet are not suitable for coin laundry and you need to use only dry cleaning method for that kind of cloths as well. Therefore for it is safe to say that dry cleaning is suitable for all kind of clothes in any condition.

Time saving:
When you wash your clothes using coin laundry service, then you need to go to the service center and then you need to do the cleaning by yourself. Also, if you will do the washing on a busy day such as Saturday or Sunday then you may get some extra crowd also at coin laundry service. That means you may need to invest more time in this work and you will end up consuming a lot of time in the cleaning process. But if we talk about the dry cleaning service then you can simply give the clothes to the service provider and then you can get the cleaning in easy manner. Also, your dry cleaning agency can pick the clothes from your home and they can drop it back to you at your home also after the cleaning process is completed. So, that is one more positive thing that you can get only with dry cleaning service but not with coin laundry service.

Better cleaning:
When you do the coin laundry work then you not always get the perfect cleaning from it. If you will try to clean your shirt then color and cuffs of your dirty shirts may not get as clean as you want it to be. Also, you might not be able to get rid of the stains and mark that you may get on your clothes if you will dry the coin laundry cleaning method. But if you will use dry cleaning method then it will not only remove all the stains from it, but you will be able to get better cleaning with it. So, if I would say that if you will choose a good quality dry cleaning services then it will not only reduce your trouble, but it will help you get better cleaning as well in easy manner.

Freedom from laundry work:
When you do the laundry work using coin laundry service, then you will need to iron your cloths as well. Other than this you will have to do other work as well in your laundry service. But you will not have this problem if you will use dry cleaning service because they will do all the laundry work for you and you will not need to do any extra efforts in that. Hence, that is one more benefit that you get with dry cleaning work but not with coin laundry system. So, now you know all the things about dry cleaning vs coin laundry and if you are still not sure about the right method of cleaning then you can take your decision in a wise manner on the basis of these things that I am sharing with you.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

8 Awesome Facts On Dry Cleaning

All the people know that dry cleaning is a simple method of cleaning different kind of clothes and this cleaning method gives you very good result in terms of cleaning. But a lot of facts are there that many people do not know about dry cleaning and people either remain unaware about those facts or they make their own assumptions for same. Here, in this article I am going to share 8 awesome facts on dry cleaning that can be completely new for you.

It is not actually dry:
When we hear the term dry cleaning then most of us assume that dry cleaner will use some special method to clean the clothes without using any liquid. However, this is not fact because dry cleaners use some special solvent to remove the oils, grease, dirt, dust and other stain from the clothes. In this solvent they use small amount of water as well to clean the clothes. So, if you also have this assumption that dry cleaning is actually dry then you shall change your opinion now.

Many people forget their clothes:
You might not believe, but this is a big fact that many people give their blankets or quilts for dry cleaning and they never pick it back. Sometime people don’t pick their stuff because they forget to pick from dry cleaning and sometime they don’t because they don’t want to have in their home. Because of this sometime laundry shop looks like an emporium of old clothes and dry cleaners don’t like this kind of customers because they lose money on them.

Women’s clothes are hard to dry clean:
Many time women put their clothes on laundry for dry cleaning and then they claim dry cleaner charge more money for women’s cloths. Indeed, they charge more money for female clothes but they don’t charge more money because of the gender, but they charge money according to the fabric of the cloths. That means if you will give your silk or velvet clothe for dry cleaning then it will need special care and that’s why it will charge more money also to you. So, if you are about to complain for the price, make sure you check your clothes and its fabric as well.

You can ask your dry cleaner for re-cleaning:
This is a common opinion that if you get a clothe back from dry cleaner after the dry cleaning work is done, then you have to pay the money even if you are not satisfied with the cleaning result. Well, I cannot give a straight forward comment on it because some dry cleaners don’t accept their mistake, and many others accept it. So, if you notice smell of chemicals or a dirty spot, then you can ask for the reprocessing of the cloth without paying any extra money for that and your dry cleaner will need to do that.

Some cleaning agents can cause allergy to you:
This is not a positive fact but you need to know it and that’s why I am sharing it with you. Most of the dry cleaners use perchloroethylene as their cleaning agent, which can cause allergic reaction to some people. Although dry cleaners try to remove the smell before giving your cloth to you, but sometime this smell can remain there in your cloth. If you ever notice the smell of Perc in your dry cleaned clothes, then you should ask for the reprocessing instead of using it. If your dry cleaner is sensible and really care for his reputation and his loyal customers then he will surely do the reprocessing for all of your clothes without charging any money for same.

Instruction labels are really important:
 The biggest mistake that people make while dry cleaning their cloth is that they ignore the instruction labels. Mostly people assume that a 4 line small instruction label can give no information to them about dry cleaning and because of this ignorance sometime they end up having a damaged clothe. You need to understand that small label are designed with precise care and you get only the most essential information in that label. So, when you do the dry cleaning of your clothes by your own then make sure you read the label carefully and you follow the instructions suggested by the maker of your cloth on the instruction label.

Green dry cleaning is getting popularity:
 As a I said above, normally dry cleaners user Perc or perchloroethylene as their cleaning agent which is not safe for environment and cause some allergy to human as well. In order to avoid this complication many people are moving toward the green dry cleaning options and they are getting benefits as well. However, you need to understand that green dry cleaning is neither easy nor cheap. Also, the result of green dry cleaning might not be as good as you expect from traditional method. So, if you are also planning to go ahead for that option then you need to keep this simple thing in your mind.

Many people lose their clothes during dry cleaning:
This is one of the most unavoidable things that is related to dry cleaning and it happens very often with big dry cleaners. But if you think your dry cleaner actually lost it then you are wrong about it because this issue occur because dry cleaners send your clothes to someone else. That means it is a mistake made by dry cleaners and because of that you end up losing your favorite dress. Though you can reduce the risk of losing your clothes just by choosing the right dry cleaner for your dry cleaning work.

In addition to this thing few people also believe that dry cleaners make a lot of money by dry cleaning but that is not actually true. A dry cleaner needs to use special equipment for the dry cleaning process and those equipment do not come cheaper. Also, they need to hire specially skilled people for completing various dry cleaning work including cleaning, pressing and delivering it to your door step. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What Are the Common Dry Cleaning Mistakes?

Dry cleaning is one of the most popular cleaning methods for most customers. This method is very useful to help you clean your clothes and any other items easily. There are some professional laundry companies that are available in Singapore. It is important for you to hire the best company for yourself. You also need to learn about how you can avoid getting any dry cleaning mistakes, so you can select the best dry cleaning company easily. This article is going to help you avoid any common problems in selecting the best dry cleaning service. When you can avoid these mistakes, you should be able to clean your clothes easily. 

1. Choose the wrong company
This is the most common mistake that you have to avoid, so you can select the best dry cleaning service easily. Many people don't compare some available companies before they choose the best service for themselves. It is important to know that you have to compare some dry cleaning companies, so you can select the best company for yourself. You can contact some available companies, so you can ask about their available services. The company should have a lot of experience in this industry, in order to provide the best service for yourself. 

2. Don't compare some available options

When you want to select the best dry cleaning service, you should take a look at some available options. There are some flexible options that are available for all customers. You should compare some available packages or options, so you can select the best one for yourself. Make sure that you choose the right service and package based on your needs and budget. Most customer representatives are ready to help you learn about all available services and packages from their own companies. When you compare some available options, you need to learn about their features and benefits from these options. 

3. Don't look at the other customers' reviews

This is another common mistake that many people do in Singapore. Not many customers know that they are able to read some reviews from the Internet. These reviews usually come from other customers or clients. Good companies tend to receive many good reviews from other customers. Reputable companies can help you clean your laundry and other valuable items easily. Reputation becomes an important thing that you have to consider, especially when you compare some available laundry service companies in this country these days. 

4. Choose a company without delivery option

It is important to know that not all companies can provide delivery and pickup option. This additional feature is very useful to help you get maximum benefits from this laundry service. Some companies provide this feature for supporting all customers' needs. You should realize that this delivery option can help you save a lot of your time in your daily life. You don't need to deliver and pickup your clothes in your favorite laundry service company. This delivery option is suitable for all customers in Singapore, especially who don't have time in their daily life. 

5. Don't ask for the quotation

This is another common mistake that you have to avoid, especially if you want to select the best service easily. Selecting the best dry cleaning service is very useful to help you clean all of your clothes safely. You also need to ask for the quotation before you hire the best service for yourself. This quotation is available for all customers who want to manage their budget easily. Some companies provide this quotation for free without additional costs. This quotation may include some important details, such as laundry fee, dry cleaning cost, and many other related costs.

6. Don't schedule your dry cleaning 

When you want to get maximum benefit from your dry cleaning process, you should avoid this mistake. It is important for you to know that frequent dry cleaning is not good for your clothes. You should schedule your dry cleaning process, in order to get all benefits from this cleaning method. You may want to dry clean your clothes in about once in a month. Managing your dry cleaning schedule can help you learn about how you can take care of all clothes and laundry properly. You can contact your favorite dry cleaning service company before you can schedule your dry cleaning process. 

7. Forget to remove all items from your pockets

Many people do similar mistake when they send their clothes to their favorite laundry service company. When you want to avoid getting any problems in the future, you have to learn about how you can avoid this mistake. You have to remove all important assets and items from your pockets completely. Make sure that you check all pockets and compartments from your clothes before you send these items to your favorite laundry service company. It is recommended for you to spare your time for checking all clothes before sending them to the best laundry company in Singapore. 

8. Cannot choose the right clothes to be dry cleaned

Not many people are able to differentiate all available clothes in their closets. You should learn about how you can select the right items that have to be dry cleaned properly. High quality clothes made from expensive materials should be cleaned with dry cleaning process, in order to maintain their quality. You can improve the overall durability of your expensive clothes when you are using the best dry cleaning process today. There are some recommended materials that should be cleaned with dry cleaning process, including nylon, wool, polyester, and some other materials. 

It is important for you to learn about those common mistakes, so you will never have to do similar mistakes in the future. Choosing the right cleaning service can help you clean any types of your clothes easily. You can contact the best cleaning service company when you plan to clean all clothes safely. Make sure that you read some reviews from other customers before selecting the right laundry company for yourself. You need to compare some available laundry companies, so you can hire the best service easily.