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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Get the Best Laundry Services in Singapore

Laundry services have been another major concern for every household and individual in Singapore. Since the birth of the various cleaning services that the business world has created to help busy people meet their goals, laundry cleaning services have eventually emerged to provide an instant solution for your daily clothing needs.

Here are the advantages of getting services for everybody's convenience.

a. Save Time Effectively
You obviously live in a generation where everybody goes to work or attend to his or her business on a daily basis. People always rush early in the morning to catch a ride or meet clients and customers as soon as possible to get more things done for more money.

These people do not even have the privilege to clean their homes or even clean their suits and clothes that they need for daily use. Going on a hectic schedule these days is not a simple task. Since your time is very much precious as it means money is coming into your account for daily living, laundry and dry cleaning services are an effective time saver and powerful solutions for your daily rush.

b. Get Total Convenience
Professional laundry and dry cleaning services provide you with great comfort and ease in dealing with your busy schedule every single day. They have a team of professional dry cleaners who are not only experts in operating their machines to clean your clothes systematically but they are also caring individuals who are concerned about keeping your laundry dry, clean and in good hands.

A professional laundry company offers a 24-hour full-time service in 7 days a week. They have customer representatives that are available online or even on the phone for immediate contact. If you need information about their services, tracking your laundry orders and other related concerns, they have friendly customer representatives that can offer you further assistance without any delay. Dry cleaners in Singapore offer the best services for your laundry and dry clean needs at rates you can surely afford the best possible service you could ever have for your total convenience anywhere in the region.

c. Powerful Stain Remover
Dry cleaning services offer the best care and powerful solution in removing dirt and stains in your clothes, beddings, rugs, carpets and other heavy garments. Since removing stains is a crucial task in washing your clothes and carpets, it is a wise decision to leave this painful household task to dry cleaning services.

d. The Dry Cleaning Process
Singapore dry cleaning works in a two-stage dynamic process. Dry cleaning is even made ideal for your valued rugs and expensive carpets that are badly stained and hard to deal with. The process involves a pre-treatment wherein chemicals are applied on affected areas to make sure they are powerfully removed. Once pre-treatment has been done on these carpets, the washing process takes place. The solvent is used here instead of water. A distilled cleaning fluid is then applied to retain clarity and a brand-new look.

Features of a Good Laundry Company

It is a very common practice to pile up the dirty clothes of the whole week to be washed on weekends. But the problem starts when you receive unexpected guests on an off. In such situations, you don’t have time to do anything else than attending your guests and make sure they are comfortable. Thinking of washing clothes in such a shortage of time will be imprudent. A laundry service can become your best friend in all such times.

Before handing over your expensive clothes to a laundry service, you should make sure that the laundry service is good. A few things that are expected from a good laundry Singapore are:

1. Maintaining the clothes quality 
As different types of clothes require different kind of treatment regarding the kind of solution needed, the temperature range and conditioning required so the laundry service should be able to deliver different kinds of washing environments for diverse clothes.

2. Proper hygiene of the place 
It is very important that the premises of the laundry company are kept clean. The premises should be free from dirt, dust and any other kind of unhygienic material that can spoil the clothes of the customers. Actions such as smoking should be strictly prohibited in these places.

3. In time delivery 
The laundry should deliver the washed clothes to the customer in the time as promised earlier. The customer will always appreciate a timely service, and he may have further appointments to attend. If a load of orders is too much, the laundry service should clarify the situation to the customer and never make unjust promises about the delivery.

4. Reasonable rates 
The rates for per cloth wash should be economical, and there should be some relaxation if more than a fixed number of clothes are sent for the wash. A good quality service at affordable prices is always desired by the customers.

5. Different kinds of laundry services at one place 
The modern laundries are not limited to the kind of service that involved taking the clothes from the customer, washing and ironing them and returning them to the customer. Now customers have various needs, and the laundry should be able to provide these services as per their requirement such as self-washing, wash fold and drop, dry cleaning, etc.

In conclusion, nowadays anyone can afford a washing machine. The reason why someone will approach a laundry service will require it to be exceptionally good in its services. Other reason may be washing delicate clothes such as silk or washing new clothes for the first time. In case someone is staying at a place temporarily and doesn’t want to buy a washing machine or bring the older one from his home, he will need the self-wash services that are affordable. Customers will only take the laundry Singapore services if these are provided at low prices.

The excess workload is understandable, but only that business is called a successful business which can manage high workloads. Also, the estimated delivery time should not extend from the pre-mentioned time by more than half an hour.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Detailed Information on Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Besides your personality, what you wear tells a lot. If you have delicate clothes whose luster you need to maintain, try dry cleaning. It is also recommended for clothes damaged by the use of water. The process involves the use of a special solvent in which the clothes are immersed and cleaned. Earlier, various solvents such as kerosene or gasoline were used.

However, perchloroethane (commonly called perc) became a standard chemical. It is used by most firms since it can be reused. White petrol (commonly called MTO) is another used in some countries. Many advantages can be attributed to dry cleaning. Shrinking and stretching of garments is reduced. Difficult oil spots are easily removed. Most importantly, the original texture of garments is maintained.

Your clothes will go through several stages before acquiring a fresh new look. First, they are inspected and marked after which they are mended and pre-treated to remove any stains. They are then sorted and cleaned. The clothes then go for post spotting, finishing and packing. As the customer, you need to know certain guidelines used in some shops. Usually, the stains are removed by hand, then the clothes are placed in a machine. Occasionally, a small amount of water may be added to agitate the clothes. The liquid detergents are used with water.

After the cleaning, the solvent is separated from the waste residues by use of filters. This allows it to be reused. This process uses toxic chemicals that harm the environment and health. Most people oppose it. Perchloroethane causes serious health problems. Some cleaners prefer using carbon dioxide. Most dry cleaning service providers use chemicals that are gentle to your clothes, the environment and your nose too.

Best Dry Cleaning Services

Dry cleaning services are sought after by many people as they happen to be some of the best especially for the different kinds of garments that one could have. It is essential to adhere to the washing instructions of any garment that you have if at all you are to increase its life and at the same time have it looking as good and clean as it should be. Dry cleaning services are fortunately more available in the society nowadays with the establishment of numerous dry cleaning companies.

The Process

When you take your garments for the drying, the cleaning professionals will start by analyzing the garment material as well as the stains that could be on it. This is an important process since it gives them the insight they need towards the best method to use in pre-treating your garment to get rid of the stubborn stains. After the sufficient removal of the stains that are identified, your garment will then be cleaned.

Any lingering stains after the washing will see to the garment being taken through a post spotting finish which will most definitely take care of the stains leaving the garment sparkling clean. After the cleaning is over and done with, the garment will of course have to be pressed and covered before then going through a quality inspection to ensure that it does meet the set standards of the company you have chosen to handle your needs.

Some of the companies will offer delivery services or you can choose to go and pick your laundry after the agreed time. The laundry services are not only offered to individuals but to different establishments such as restaurants, hotels, hairdressing facilities and even pubs. This means therefore that you do not have to worry about your laundry needs regardless of the kind of business that you run since the cleaning companies will always come to your rescue providing you with nothing but the very best.

The laundry services can differ from one company or firm to another. To get the one that meets your needs, you will have to compare between what the preferred companies have to offer so that by the end of the day you will achieve nothing short of what you expect with all the garments that you have. Rely on the professionals for the best delivery of services.

Dry cleaning services are sought after by many people as they happen to be some of the best especially for the different kinds of garments that one could have. It is essential to adhere to the washing instructions of any garment that you have if at all you are to increase its life and at the same time have it looking as good and clean as it should be. Dry cleaning services are fortunately more available in the society nowadays with the establishment of numerous dry cleaning companies.

Top 5 Tips for Upholstery Dry Cleaning

There are many different challenges that men and women must face daily. A person's spirit is tested daily as we must deal with these different challenges Take upholstery dry cleaning as an example. There are usually experts researching most challenges, trying to find good ways of coping with them. How then, can you be assured of getting the very best results?

Understanding certainly is the response. There is nothing easy if you don't understand it, don't know how to get it done. And to get good results with upholstery dry cleaning you simply need to understand more about what works and exactly what does not.

Read this to add to your knowledge.

The following are 5 tips for upholstery dry cleaning:

1. Have your dry-cleaning equipments and materials ready and operate a pre-testing procedure. Just why is this important? Testing your materials can assist you decide if the information of those can stain, damage or alter the condition or your upholstery. And just what comes about when you follow these tips? It will be possible to get upholstery security precautions to keep it who is fit despite several cleaning process...

2. Pre-Vacuum your upholstery. Which is important because this will help you to eliminate dust particles or animal furs, as well as other unnecessary dirt which accumulated or stocked up in the edges and surface of one's upholstery. And because these particles are hazardous for your health, it's absolutely a must to take them off from your furniture.

3. Blot or gently rub your upholstery with dry cleaning cloths for several times. The main reason for this is to be sure how the stain will probably be thoroughly eliminated before you polish and foam the item of furniture. It's also a great idea because blotting your upholstery will clean each side the furnishings and definitely will lessen the existence of scratches and soil.

4. Foam the upholstery. Could you tell me exactly why this is a good idea? Foaming your upholstery can eliminate and polish scratch and rub marks for the material or fabric. Are there any other significant reasons? It may also keep the fabric in the furniture shiny and illuminating.

5. Vacuum the entire upholstery. And just why is this important? Vacuuming can further remove loosened dirt fragments and particles all over the upholstery. What other reasons are there? It may also remove dirt particles which accumulated beneath the edges along with other fissures contained in the upholstery

Whenever you follow these 5 tips carefully you are very likely to have very satisfactory results with upholstery dry cleaning.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Benefits Of Laundry Cleaning

Individuals regularly outsource their house cleaning, clothes washing, and different tasks that they either don't have sufficient energy to do or don't have any desire to do it. In any case, the vast majority never consider settling on for a laundry service until they experiment with and wind up adoring it. Laundry Cleaning Services is a selective approach to outsourcing your laundry. 

Laundry services in Singapore normally cost 1500 for 1 full measured sack of laundry, which is the equivalent of 2 extensive laundry packs you provide for local dhobis for cleaning reason. The service additionally incorporates free get, folding, and conveyance of the clothes and material at the given time.

The professional laundry services set a week after week schedule for you and will get and drop your laundry at a given time. The process consequently saves your time and makes washing a hassle free task.

Laundry services are cost-effective and affordable to all. Taking into the cost of acquiring a top-notch washing machine, the cost of running your machine, the cost of detergent you used to wash clothes with all alone and the time consumed in the process, the laundry services are a more convenient choice at budget-friendly prices.

Prompt service 
Most laundry services give pick delivery services inside 48 hours; this implies their staff will get your clothes and return it inside 48 hours for nothing. The process is quicker than most local cleaners.

Specialized Results 
As compared to local dhobis, the professional laundry services have created techniques and a washing process to make sure your clothes are carefully cleaned, stains are expelled, and your clothes are returned to you in pristine condition. To spare time, cash and effort, have a go at picking a famous brand and get every one of your laundries clean without any hassles.

Dry Cleaners make utilization of solvent 

The best practitioners of dry cleaning make utilization of solvent to wash the clothes as opposed to the traditional laundry detergent and water. A solvent keeps the fabric of the material which can respond with the water because of friction. All the clothes may not require this kind of attentive cleaning, be that as it may, if it is helping your favorite bit of fabric to last longer than it is worth to utilize. Other than various dresses, gowns, and other attire that has embellishments on them use warm receptive, water solvents, and glues for the arrangement may require this sort of cleaning.

Moisture fewer Clothes 
Dry cleaner services give moisture fewer clothes, here is the ticket. The clothes at the time of washing are presented to moisture however without water. The solvent utilized as a part of this process is extremely mellow and is tried not to influence the environment.

Dry Cleaning Equipment 
The Dry cleaners have the correct machinery and equipment to wash the clothes as delicately as could be expected under the circumstances. Their expansive estimated machines help the solvent and the clothes to combine appropriately. Once the solvent is penetrated into the clothes, it is then depleted out of the attire rapidly. This process proceeds until every one of the stains is evacuated. The clothes are likewise acquainted with a direct dry air so that if there is any solvent residual, it will be evaporated. Stains that are required to be evacuated by hand are tended to before the introduction of the solvent. Distinctive sorts of cleaners are used to treat disparate fabric relying on the structure of the stain. Stains are expelled circumspectly before they are made to experience the dry cleaning process.

Expanded Life Span of the Clothes 
The solvent that is utilized is made so as not to fade or shrink the garments. This cleaning additionally enormously improves the lifespan of the clothes. There may be reasonable shot that the fabric may get damaged with the dry cleaning process and that is the reason it is encouraged to obtain a little information before sending the clothes for cleaning. However, with best Dry Cleaner Singapore services, your clothes are more averse to be damaged.

Tough Stain Removal 
Homes with youngsters are constantly inclined to a considerable measure of the earth as children play with various things. In business foundations like restaurants and hotels, stains and soil on cloths and different textiles can be a major issue. The stains and soil are difficult to expel and require professional offer assistance. Professional laundry services guarantee that you recover your fabrics clean and to its great condition. Professionals have experience in expelling tough stains from clothes, shades, and fabrics. Delicate fabrics are taken care of as needs be as the laundry staff is trained in working with a wide range of fabrics. The laundry services likewise guarantee that the whole process does not crush the hues on your fabrics.

Besides being a time saver, professional laundry services additionally offer a ton of convenience, particularly for individuals and entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with work. This is particularly useful for substantial hotels, motels, and restaurants with numerous clients. The professional services are constantly accessible when made a request to aid laundry cleaning. The customer care representatives are accessible all the time just if you require them.


If you're among those people who want to wash their particular clothes at the end of the week, then you would most likely ask why individuals utilize dry cleaner services. Other than all around washed clothes that you can likewise certainly accomplish in the wake of burning through 2 to 3 hours at washing, there are various advantages related if you incline toward dry cleaners. One factor that you ought to deal with is that when you get clothes over from the dry cleaner services, promptly expel the clothes from the sack, or else the pack may heap the clamminess from air to the clothes which can bring about odors, mold or mildew.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

9 Benefits Of Hiring Professional Laundry Services

With the fast-paced lifestyle in Singapore and many people focusing on their jobs, it is becoming difficult to attend to some chores such as laundry cleaning. Hiring laundry cleaning services happen to be the most convenient way of dealing this chore. But it is advisable to note that there are different types of laundry services providers- professionals and quacks. Avoid quacks at all cost. There are numerous long term and short term benefits that are associated with professional laundry cleaning service providers. These are some of the key benefits that you can reap by hiring a professional to do the laundry for you:

• Maintaining texture and color
The texture and color of the garments are crucial for you to look smart. One thing with professional laundering is that they know every type of garment and how it should be cleaned. Have you ever laundered a cloth on find colored water? This is a sign that your garment is losing its color or fading. The reason could be the use of wrong cleaning solution. With professionals, they know what each fabric required to be cleaned without destroying its texture and color. It will be annoying and find that your clothes are fading so quickly and losing thing texture just because you don’t know how to clean them.

• Quality of cloth
One thing that destroys the quality of clothes is poor laundry cleaning practices. Some people will use hot water where it is not necessary. Others will use bleaching agents on garments that should free of such agents. This is what makes the cloth to lose its quality. If you have no idea on how to clean clothes, it will be for your good to let the professional do the job. These are experts who are experienced to know what each and every fabric requires to maintain its quality.

• To look smart
Truth be told, you cannot do laundry better that a professional. Their clothes are properly cleaned to look as good as new. If you can compare the cloth that you have cleaned and those that have been cleaned by a professional, the difference is like black and white. If you want to look smart for an occasion or if you are in the corporate world, having the clothes cleaned by professional is one of the best ways through to look smart. They will ensure that you clothes quality is maintained both in texture and color. This way, you can look sharp always.

• Professional services
Nothing works the best than working with a person who knows their job well. Dealing with these professionals gives you nothing but top quality service. They have been in this service delivery for a long time, and their experience is incredible. They are not testing their skills on your clothes, and you can expect nothing but the best out of them. Their services are professionalized and top notch. Apart from top quality services, they will also give peace of mind knowing that your clothes will be clean always and at the same, they are in good hands.

• Prevent shrinking
Shrinking is one of the common problems with clothes as they age. The situation can also be attributed to poor laundering practices. Shrinking is common in people who do laundering by themselves or those who trust new cleaners in the town. The most annoying thing about shrinking is that the cloth becomes smaller and smaller with time. This problem can be prevented by hiring the services of a professional laundry cleaning service provider. They have the laundering tricks that ensures that your garment is protected from shrinking. This will make sure that your fabric serves you for a longer time.

• Extended life span
It cannot be disputed that poor laundering cleaning is one the reasons our clothes have a very short lifespan. It can be attributed to fading, loss of texture and even shrinking. But you can extend the lifetime of your laundry by having them cleaned professionally. Let the experts handle them the best way they know how. Their job is to ensure that your laundry is in good shape as it was new. Also, note that some of the service providers provide repair services to their customers.

• Save your time
How long will you take to clean your laundry properly? The fact remains that laundry cleaning can take several hours depending on how many clothes you are cleaning. It is a time-consuming activity that will need you to stop everything else. But is it worth your time? If you are a busy person, it will be more economical to pay someone to do the job. You can then use this time in doing other productive activities. The cost of laundry cleaning is insignificant considering what you can do with the saved time.

• Speed of cleaning
The speed at which a professional laundry cleaner will do the laundry is much faster that when you are doing it yourself. If you have a huge load laundry that you would want to be cleaned within the shortest time possible, then I would advise you to try a professional laundry cleaner. With their experience and equipment, it will only be a matter of hours or minutes to have the entire mountain of laundry cleared. Just drop your clothes and come for them on the agreed time.

• Cloth treatment
You may not realize it, but moths and other insects are notorious for damaging clothes. If you clothes are infested with these insects, they will destroy it completely. One of the benefits of using professional laundry cleaning services is that they will treat your garments to prevent attacks from such insects. There are different methods of cloth treatment, but mothproof is the most popular chemical. These chemicals are odorless, and you will rarely smell them. The treatment will not keep the fabric free from moths but will also help to extend its lifespan.


The benefits of hiring professional laundering services are numerous. These are just but a few of them. It is not just about delivering clean clothes, there are plenty of advantages such as treatment, maintaining quality and color and many other. Regular laundering will also save you plenty of money and time. These professional have the equipment and experience to help clean any fabric and remove even the most notorious stain.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Reasons To Choose Dry Cleaning For Clothes Washing

Doing the laundry is always one of the most time-consuming works for people and not all of them get any good result with it. Many time people also wonder if they should take the help of laundry cleaning for their clothes washing or they should to the same at home. While some people can recommend you to do the laundry by yourself, experts always advise you to take the help of professional laundry cleaning for your services. And if we talk about the reasons to choose laundry for clothes washing, then you can find plenty of reason below for that.

Saves time: Saving of time is one of the biggest reasons to choose laundry services for your clothes washing. If you do your laundry work by yourself at your home, then you will need to invest a lot of your time. In some situations, this can take several hours from you in a week. You can use this time for something constructive such as spending time with your family, or you can use this time to shape your career. Things are there in your hand and you have all the freedom to use your time according to your own choice. So, that would be one of the most basic and important reasons that you will get by choosing laundry cleaning services to do the laundry for you.

Better results: You can try very hard to clean your clothes, but you never get the satisfactory result. At the other hand, if you choose laundry services for your clothes washing, then you can have a better result with perfect cleaning. This excellent cleaning will allow you to have fun and better results as well. In this method, you will not only get cleaned clothes, but you will also get dresses that are perfectly ironed without having any damage in it. The most notable thing about this method is that you can just drop the clothes for washing and you can pick it back while coming back from your work.

Easy for you: It is completely easy to take the help of laundry cleaning services for washing clothes. In this method, you neither have to efforts to clean, nor you need to do anything else for same. You can simply put your dresses in a bag, and you can hand it over to your laundry for cleaning. Other than this, you can also choose a laundry cleaning service that can pick your dirty laundry from your home and it can deliver the same to your home address. That will certainly be one of the simplest tasks for you, and you can enjoy it with ease.

Good looks: When you choose the services of laundry cleaning experts, then you can have a fantastic look as well with it. This is possible because you get the best and perfectly cleaned and ironed dress then you will get a good look. Even if you have old clothes, you won’t have to worry about your look because your old clothes will look just like new one and you will be able to have a good look. Also, laundry cleaning services can allow you to choose and wear your dresses for much longer time. So, this is one more incredible advantages that you get with this method, and that is defiantly a benefit for you.

Better experience: The experience that you get with cleaning your clothes by yourself is never an easy thing. You never get any satisfactory results with this. At the other hand, if you choose the services of laundry cleaning. You will not have to waste your time, you will not invest any energy in it, and you will also have freedom in so many other ways. Thus choosing your laundry services for cleaning your clothes will give a better experience and that is another good reason for same.

Healthier choice: Cleaning your dress is never a healthier option for you because you fail to clean your clothes in a healthier manner. Sometimes you use unhealthy chemicals for cleaning your dresses, and that leads you to an unhealthy condition. At the other hand if you give your laundry to some professional agencies they can do the clothes washing for same. This will not be a difficult problem for you, and you can have better health as well.

Confident feeling: Confidence is one more great advantage that you get with laundry cleaning. Some of you may wonder how it can help you get the confidence, and the answer is very simple. When you wear new clothes that are fresh and shining, you feel confident as well and this feeling radiate in your emotions and actions. Needless to say, confident people can always achieve more in their life, they can take a better decision, and they can also explore things in unique ways. That is why I consider this as one of the most important reasons to choose the services of laundry cleaning instead of doing the clothes washing by yourself.
Save money: Choosing laundry cleaning service can actually help you save money. To do your own laundry, you will have to buy various tools for clothes washing, and you may need several other things as well for same. But in this paid option you only need to pay for the cleaning part, and they will take care all about purchasing of material and other things. That means you will have zero investment for clothes washing and you will not have other recurring charges as well such as electricity or water. Hence, if you want to save your money in clothes washing, make sure you hire a laundry cleaning service to clean your clothes.

And if you want to have all these benefits, then you just need to take a step with faith, and you need to hire a laundry for clothes washing. Once you have a good experience by this method, then you won’t need any extra encouragement to opt for the laundry cleaning. However, you will have to trust on others opinion for the first time to have a completely new experience for the rest of your life.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Dry Cleaning For Stubborn Stains

If you have kids at home, then it is very hard to keep your floor and carpets clean all the time. Babies loiter around on the floor most of the time, and a hygienic carpet or rug can cause serious harm. It is essential to keep these things clean all the time for the sake of your baby. Carpets and rugs are pretty hard and string; due to which they are difficult to clean and dry, and they take a long time to wash.

The best way to clean rugs and carpets is the process of dry cleaning; although the dry cleaning takes a pretty long time, it takes lesser time than the normal cleaning process. The clean carpets are not only visually satisfying, but they remain beautiful for a much longer period and are safe for the young kids. Dry cleaning has become a crucial part of our life nowadays; it provides several facilities that we do not get from the normal cleaning.

Normal cleaning using soap or detergent and water is easier, but they cannot clean the garments completely. It takes much less time, costs very little and can be done in the washing machines.

Dry cleaning is done by hands only, and the process takes longer time, but the process is safe, and the dry cleaning companies return the garments as good as new. Besides cleaning the rugs and carpets by this process, people also clean their favorite and delicate clothes by this process. Soft and delicate fabric garments can easily lose their smooth feeling and color if washed by the string detergents and water in the washing machines. But, if these garments are cleaned using the dry cleaning the methods, then they can stay as good as new for years.

Many people wash their wedding dresses by this process so that the memorable dress stays well for a long time. Dry cleaning also serves well for the cleaning the school uniform of the kids. Kids often return home with ink patches on their shirts. These patches are quite tough to clean within single night's time by the normal washing procedure, and this process cannot clean the ink patches completely. Dry cleaning works great for cleaning the ink stains from the shirts.

The process of dry cleaning the ink patches from the shirt is quite easy and can be done by an hour or so. For this process, you need the dry cleaning solvent and most importantly the ink remover; along with this, you should also have paper tissues, cotton swabs, etc. Proper application of the liquids can clean the shirts completely, and your kid can use the shirt again the next day.

Dry cleaning has become quite popular all over the world, and most people use the expert dry cleaners to get their favorite dresses cleaned up. The dry cleaning companies provide excellent cleaning services, and they return the dresses as good as new when you hire them to clean your clothes. They use several necessary steps to dry clean the clothes completely

Top 5 Reasons You Should Go For Dry Cleaning

While there are many methods of cleaning your clothes, ever wondered why people still choose to go for dry cleaning? Is it simply to remove harsh and stubborn stains? Truth be told, professional dry cleaning goes well above and beyond the conventional "stain removal."

So the next time, you see a 'Dry Clean Only' tag on your new suit, don't cringe. Just remember these top 5 reasons:

Reason 1: It Prolongs the Wear-Life of Your Clothes
Are you willing to allocate a good portion of your paycheck on new clothes every month? Because if you continue subjecting it to harsh chemicals through conventional washing, chances are they're not going to last you very long! Go for the practical and proven dry cleaning technology that protects your clothing, so you get to wear them longer.

Reason 2: It Is the Ultimate Stain Remover
It might be a surprise, but when it comes to winning the war of stain removal, dry cleaning reins the supreme winner. Hands down! Stubborn stains such as grease, oil, food are easily dissolved during dry cleaning, as opposed to washing.

Reason 3: Makes Your Older Garments Still Look New
Dry cleaning uses special organic compounds for the cleaning of clothes. With their expert knowledge, they can not only preserve the brightness but also salvage a dull article of clothing by restoring its luminosity and transforming it to appear new!

Reason 4: Say No To Shrink
On a laundry day, how often have you taken your attires out of the washer only to find one, 2 sizes too short? There goes your favorite formal shirt! Let's face it. Clothes don't come cheap. Fabrics such as silk and wool have a tendency to shrink during conventional washing. Furthermore, there is a risk of dullness and texture change. On the flipside, these garments retain their original condition when dry-cleaned.

Reason 5: You Now Save Time & Money
That's right. Where at one point in time, your dry cleaning was associated with tedious and time consuming trips to the dry cleaners, you can now take advantage of professional dry cleaning pickup and delivery. Furthermore, they offer the most competitive pricing!

You have to understand that this process includes the use of an organic solvent which does not act as a laundry detergent and even does not use water. By doing so, it helps in maintaining the stuff/ material of the clothes which react with friction or water. A wide variety of clothes like dresses, suits require the sensitive wash to maintain the quality, and that is the reason why dry cleaning has become a critical need for some people.

Note that, this activity facilitates the extension of the lifespan of any garment that comes with it, and the solvents which are used during the process are specifically made that the fabric neither fade nor shrink. Remember one thing; clothes may have the tendency to get damaged little bit when they come under this process, but with the high-quality solvent and equipment, clothes will be less expected to get damaged. When the clothes get cleaned, then dry- cleaners pack all the washed clothes in a bag to provide the delivery in a safe manner.

Therefore, to remove the tough stains without affecting the fabric, dry cleaning has become the preferred choice of many people. So, if you require the best dry cleaning service in Singapore.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How To Remove Stains On Shirt

No one in Singapore can want to see his/her cloth stained whether it is new or old. Just like any other part of the world, Singapore is an ever busy place and sometimes people may not find time to deal with the stains on their clothes. However, you can be interested and give it a try, to remove stains on your shirt by yourself.

In this case, what you first need to understand is that the stain removal on your shirt depends largely on three main factors. These include the stain nature, the fabric type and the colorfastness of the dye. It is also important to know that the stain removal agent you are using may not work for some fabrics and dyes like ink and dried paint may be impossible to remove. It is also advisable that you do not iron your stained or soiled shirt because this will simply drive deep the stain into the fabric making the stain even harder to remove from the shirt.

Getting Rid of Stain on Shirt
Though you can prevent stain setting, this is still not sufficient because not all the stains will get removed just by dabbing water on them. However, there are some basic steps you can take to get the stains completely removed from the shirt. The following are the steps you need to take.

STEP ONE: Getting the Appropriate Solvent

Large percentage of the household products can be treated with the common commercial products or food supplies. As you choose the solvent, try to understand what dissolves the stain you are handling the safety of appliance on the shirt that has the stain. Using a wrong product may land you into damaging the cloth. The best way therefore to go about it is to look at the label on the shirt. This is always the best guide you can ever get for that particular cloth. The main thing you need to look on the label is the type of the fabric. The following are the common fabrics and how to remove stains from them.

I. Wool fabric
Wool is very sensitive to heat and needs gentle treatment. Ensure that you lay the shirt of this fabric flat after soaking to prevent any distortion. You can treat it with lukewarm water or any other wool-safe detergent. You need to do this as fast as possible then get it on a dry cleaner at the first opportunity.

II. Cotton Fabric
This type of fabric can endure soaking, heat and drying. Feel free to use warm water on it. It is also very do bleaching on a white cotton though it may seem to be hard on the fabric. You can therefore apply bleaches that are chlorine in nature as a last resort but ensure that you dilute them properly. The best stain removal treatment for cotton fabric are light acids like vinegar and lemon juice but other detergents may also apply.

III. Silk Fabric
This type of fabric is usually very temparamental and you can treat the stains on this fabric with water rather than allowing the wet spot to dry by its own. Ensure that you rinse the shirt thoroughly or else you may get water spotting hence becoming even worse than the stain. For the silk fabric, you can apply glycerin stain remover since it is neutral and effective.

IV. Synthetic Fabrics
Treating synthetics may in regard of the material of the shirt. For the case of rayon and polyester, you can scrub and wash harsher than cotton. However, hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizing bleaches may destroy them. Therefore, it is advisable that you use a dish soap for the case of grease or heavy stains.

Regardless of the fabric type you are working with, try and do a testing on the stain remover on the shirt. Before you apply the stain remover to your shirt, ensure that it does not damage the fabric. Only water can be used without testing but still it has to be at the right temperature.

STEP TWO: Apply the Appropriate Method

After you have tested and identified the fabric you are dealing with, you can now follow the following steps.

i. Water Soaking the Stain
Immediately you realize the stain on your shirt, soak it with water while putting on the shirt. You can dab the stain with water using tissue paper as soon as you can but ensure that the water is at room temperature. Ensure that the whole stain is soaked.

ii. Applying an Absorbent

Now remove the shirt and rewet the stain as you apply an absorbent like salt, talcum powder or cornstarch. Know that these absorbents only work best for cotton but salt might not be suitable for wool. Allow the absorbent to sit on the stain for about ten to fifteen minutes then rinse the rest of the absorbent with water after scrapping it off.

iii. Applying the Solvent

Lightly apply your solvent on the shirt just underneath the stain. This is because you will want the solvent to soak through and drive back the stain to the surface rather than deeper into the fabric. Also applying the solvent to the inside gives you security in that if at all the solvent destroys the fabric it remains invisible.

iv. Laying the Shirt

After applying the solvent appropriately, now lay the shirt a paper towel that is clean with face down. This will give the chemicals that cause the stains something they can soak into. The paper towel will also give the stain somewhere to go. Allow the shirt to rest there for around one hour. It is important to know that there are different reaction times for different solvents and therefore you need to give it time.

v. Giving the Shirt a Final Rinse

You now need to give the shirt a final rinse to remove the solvent and the stain. If possible, wash it immediately either through dry-cleaning or taking it to a laundry machine.

Understand that some of the stains can be removed simply by dry cleaning or by a wash but it is vital employ specific treatment also. For delicate silks or wool, the best thing will be water. However, if you feel that you cannot handle the stain removal by yourself, seek assistance from a professional laundry services in Singapore.