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Monday, 18 July 2016

Is Rug Cleaning Expensive in Singapore?

If you have never heard your rug cleaned by professionals before, you might probably be a little in the dark about the procedure involved as well as cost expectations. The truth of the matter is that every company has their own way of fixing and calculating prices so that guesswork won't be of much help in this area. Is run cleaning expensive in Singapore? No, the cost of cleaning varies widely depending on the method, the level of expertise of the cleaner, and also your location.

There are, however, two simple ways to ascertain the cost of rug cleaning that would apply in most parts of the world, including Singapore.

Two ways to calculate cleanup cost

1. On room basis: This is probably the most used method of fixing prices by professional rug cleaners. Without many complicated calculations, the cleaner can provide a reasonably accurate price offer over the phone without needing to go on the site. Usually, the price includes pre-treatment as well as standard sporting. In this mode of cleaning, the cleaner would generally assume that the room size is somewhere between 200 and 350 sq ft, but this too may depend on the area you decide. Anything bigger than 350 sq ft may mean that you have to pay the full price of more than one room.

2. Square foot basis: Contrary to the room basis, this method requires the carpet cleaner actually to visit the site and get an accurate measurement of the room area. Some professionals prefer to take the measurement of the entire room while others just measure the open space around the furniture. Most of the time both of these ways to take measurements arrive at the same price when they multiply the number by the square foot rate. This method too should involve pretreatment and ordinary spotting costs.

Tips on how to save money

1. Get a bulk pricing quote: Homeowners can save money on professional rug cleaning services by combining two or more services together. Cleaning companies offer combo deals that include cleaning carpets, area rug, as well as furniture. If you want to save some money, then go for the bulk cleaning option as it will be available at a discounted rate.

2. Schedule annual cleaning contracts: When you place your loyalty with a company, you can expect them to reward you one way or another. Most cleaning companies reward their regular clients by giving them discounts on their services. If you have a good estimate of how frequently you need to have your rugs cleaned, then go for a contract deal that would save you both time and hassle from calling up the service providers time and again.

3. Dropping off the rugs at the service location: By dropping of your rugs at the service station, you'll be saving some money because the cleaners don't have to come to your place and spend time taking measurements and then do their job of cleaning. You might incur some cost related to transport, but that should be a lot less than what you would spend in order to have the cleaning professionals over at your place.

How often should you hire cleaning services

The biggest mistake many homeowners make is that they only obtain services of professionals once in several years. This is the wrong approach to cleaning your rugs and carpets because your leading dust, dirt, and other debris accumulate for too long. If you have a busy room, then you should at least get the carpets cleaned twice every year and rooms that have less traffic should have the carpets cleaned at least once a year.

Cleaning is highly essential not only to maintain the aesthetic value of your home but also keep it free from germs and other bacteria that might be lurking in the rug fabric.

What to look for in the ideal rug cleaner

1. Trustworthy services: When your carpets are filthy, and you want them to be cleaned, the cleaning service providers should be professional and be on time. There should also be honest about their pricing policies and charge you according to the amount of material you want to be cleaned and not anything extra. A repeated cleaning company should be able to provide you exact quotes without going into too many complications.

2. Experienced staff: You should only go for a company where the staff has been professionally trained to conduct cleaning services. Their mannerism and behavior should be professional so that you do not feel any hesitation of explaining your problems related to rugs and carpets. Experienced staff will also get the work done quickly and with the least amount of invasive techniques.

3. No hidden charges: Be sure to double check the price list and ask if there are any concealed charges involved. Most reputed cleaners do not have any hidden fees in their price policy because they value transparency and put the requirements of their customers above everything else.

4. Positive customer feedback: A decent cleaning company will have a significant number of positive reviews based on user experience. You should check the companies online profile not only to test the kind of services they offer, but also candid customer reviews and how they feel about the enterprise. This is a surefire way to separate a good cleaner from the wrong.

5. Palatable results: With time, your rugs will experience fading and wear and tear; so the carpet cleaning company has to keep in mind to treat the material in a way so that it does not deteriorate further and condition remains as good as possible. Top notch cleaning companies employ highly sophisticated methods to clean different types of fabric that ensure your rug will remain as good as it was before the cleanup.

So, now you know the ways in which cleaning companies decide their prices, the ideal frequency of cleaning that would keep your rugs good as new, and considerations on how to choose the perfect cleaning company. All you have to do is make a local listing of all the businesses in your area in Singapore and inquire about the costs involved in cleaning, based on your requirements.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How To Keep Your Closet Clean & Tidy

Cleaning Out Your Closet
 Nobody likes to clean, well, almost nobody.Your closet is one of the most high-traffic areas of your home. You use it daily, and because you do, it tends to become a dumping ground for some different items.

Fall is a great time to clean closets--maybe because many of us look at fall as a time of renewal (back to school and back to regular schedules). Cleaning closets does not have to be stressful, although I won't kid you, it can take a bit of time. But it's time well spent in the long run.Clearing your closet helps to clear your schedule and your mind - along with lots of image obstacle clutter that may be standing between you and your career goals.

Before you even start to think about your closet, make a list of all the items you will use when you clean your closet. This would include major equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, floor polisher, carpet shampooer, and sweepers. Smaller items like brushes, gloves, work clothes, and rags should be looked at as well. Last but not least are all the cleaning products you use. Like most things, cleaning products have a shelf life. This is a good opportunity to see how often you do use a certain product and if it's still fresh enough to be effective.

Now that you have an inventory of your cleaning equipment and supplies, you will have a better idea of how much closet storage space you will need. If your space allows, you may find it better to create more than one closet, perhaps one in the bathroom or laundry room to make it more convenient.

Here are a few handy steps to help you on your way:

Step one:
Strip. Strip down your closet of everything inside. Take everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, out of your closet. Start with a clean slate. The only way to straighten out not only your wardrobe but also your mind, is to do what you dread of; empty your closet space. Although some might think that this is actually an unnecessary step, I strongly recommend you to reconsider. By pulling every piece of garment outside your closet's space, you will actually get a chance to check what exactly you have been hiding in there; for who knows how long. By emptying your closet, the mess you now think as inevitable might become an organized zone of personal enhancement that you have never before dreamt of having.

Step two: 
Sort. With all items removed from your closet, you can begin sorting through what you need to keep, what you can donate and what needs to be tossed out because no one will want THAT old thing. Make piles for all these items. You will be tempted to start putting items back in your closet, piece-meal, but don't do it. Wait until you have a final pile of items that you are keeping before adding anything back to your closet.

Step three:
Clean it up. Before you start thinking about what to put where; before you hang up your clothes, now is a good time to clean that closet. Vacuum the floor and wipe down any corners and baseboards. Give closet walls and doors a wipe-down with a vinegar/water solution (one part vinegar to two parts water).

Step four
: Now that you have "everything out in the open," it is time to begin the inverse process. Putting everything back inside the closet is the step that you will need some creative thinking to manage the volume of the things that are now scattered all around the room. Cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and every other type of small storage containers can keep your outfits and bedclothes in-order.

Creating handwritten labels and adding ribbons for some color, will give you an outcome that is usually portrayed in glossy house magazines. Purchase the right type of hangers for your clothes and place them in your closet according to their type and height when hanged. Keep shirts closer together, hang pants about their use and place your various accessories in containers that you can easily reach later (i.e. on the floor or lower drawers). Designate a space to put the clothes which are not currently in season, like heavy overcoats when it is summer or you were bathing suit when it is winter. Hats can be placed in bigger baskets, belts can be hanged on the back of your closet doors, and shoes can be placed on specially designed ranks on the floor.

Finally, remember to give away clothes, shoes, accessories or other things you never wear or use. Your local church charities can be a perfect opportunity for you to show that you are a philanthropist while a variety of organizations offer house pick-up services to take clothes and give them to those less fortunate than yourself. Cleaning-up the messy closet will let you again experience how it feels to be organized. Additionally, you will always be prepared to put something on that it is not full of wrinkles or needs immediate washing. You can also invite over a friend to help you out, as another person's feedback on your current wardrobe can give you a hint on what you should focus on purchasing next time you are about to do some "serious" shopping.

When it comes to cleaning out your closet, all it takes is a little will, a little drive, and a few garbage bags that may lead you to make even some money while doing it. Once you dive in, you will find that it isn't nearly as dreadful and boring as you imagined. In fact, you may even find a few treasures you forgot you had treasures that have been kept hidden under a mass of clothing, shoes, and who knows what else in your closet. So get the shovel because it's time to do some clearing out!

All things considered, your diligent work, venture back and completely appreciate the your reward for all the hard work. How would you feel? Quite remunerating, eh? You will all of a sudden ordeal a feeling of mental clarity and smoothness as a consequence of days.

Friday, 23 October 2015

How To Choose The Right Industrial Carpet Cleaning Service?

Cleanliness is a very vital aspect of a business, which must be highly considered. Most of the businesses in Singapore have carpets in their offices. The carpets help to make a room more elegant and at times, it can help to keep the room warm, depending on the type. Unless the carpet is clean enough, the office may not be the best place to be. A dirty carpet, or one that has not been well cleaned might have an unpleasant smell. Also, the quality of the carpet might also diminish. All this will be brought about by the cleaning process or materials. You must choose the right industrial carpet cleaning company, if you want to get the most of it all. Here is a guide to help you choose the right company to clean your business carpet.

1. Consider the training

Cleaning a carpet is not all about dipping it in water, like any other piece of cloth, then place it in the air to dry. On the contrary, carpet cleaning needs a professional way to go about it. Until a company steps out to offer industrial carpet cleaning services, it must be fully trained in the best way to clean a carpet. You might want to ask the company about the training they have on their cleaners. The company shouldn’t jut hire anyone, for the sake of offering them employment. Ensure you are aware of the recommended method of training. There are institutions that offer training to carpet cleaners.

2. Consider the operation period

Unless a company has been in the carpet cleaning business for long enough, they cannot fully offer the required services. It is important to consider the number of years that the cleaning company has been in service. A rational period is about 5 years, which is a period, long enough for the company to have enough experience in the industrial carpet cleaning.

3. What about the cleaning equipments?

You should also consider the set of equipment that the particular company has. You should look at the tools that they have, the materials, as well as the cleaning solutions. Normally, if the carpet is cleaned with the wrong equipments, it might not last for long enough. Some tools will only diminish the carpet, instead of actually cleaning it. For that, you will want to ask the company about the tools that they have. You should also be keen on the cleaning solutions. There are some specific solutions that have been recommended by the health board, whereas others have been prohibited. That implies that there are some cleaning solutions that are risky both to the health of a person and the value of the carpet.

4. Consider the cleaning methods that are available

There are very many types of carpets in Singapore and every carpet will have a special way of cleaning it. For that matter, you will want to consider the cleaning methods that are available in a particular company, in relation to the type of the carpet and the situation as well. The weather will also matter when it comes to the cleaning method. Ensure that the company has different ways to clean your carpet and they must be flexible enough. If your carpet only needs dry cleaning, then the company must be able to do that.

5. How happy are the customers?

The customers are among the most important things that you will need to look at, when you want to determine the reliability of a carpet cleaning company. You can ask specific customers about the service of that industrial carpet cleaning company. You might want to visit the review section of the company’s website and check out what the customers has to say. Most of your answers can be found there. If you are looking at the testimonials, don’t always rely on the ones on the site. Rather, talk directly to a customer and get the real and genuine information.

6. Is there a guarantee?

You should also consider if the work of that company is guaranteed. A company that is able to provide quality service must be ready to offer you a guarantee policy. Most of the leading companies that offer high quality industrial carpet cleaning services will have a money-back guarantee. That implies that you will be sure of a satisfied service from the company and if you are not satisfied, you can claim your money back. Always consider the guarantee offered, which assures you of a reliable cleaning service.

7. What are the costs of hiring them?

The cost is a factor that many people ignore. You should always go for a company that offers affordable services. This implies that the company must be able to give you quotes that are reasonable and those that will not cost too much. On the contrary, companies that offer extra cheap services might mean that they are not very much qualified or their services might not be of a high quality. Choose a company that is reasonable in terms of the cost.

8. Are they informative?

This implies that the company that you want to hire must have valuable information on how to take care of your carpet. That company should provide you with the necessary information that will help you keep your carpet clean at all times. It should not only be there for you to call them whenever you need to clean your company. When the company gives you the tips on taking care and cleaning your carpet, you will be able to save money and also be more responsible.

9. Their availability

The company must be readily available when you need them to clean your company. For that, ensure that they are near enough to your business unit, this will help to keep your business clean enough. Even if it is working online, ensure that they are able to get to your location in the shortest time possible.

When choosing an industrial carpet cleaning company, ensure that you also know about their specialization in industrial carpet cleaning. This will prove that they can take a good care of your office carpet in the most professional way.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dry Cleaning Vs Coin Laundry

People can have different views on dry cleaning and coin laundry. Some people can say that coin laundry is better while others may say that dry cleaning is much better option for any kind of cleaning. Well, if I give you my opinion for same then I would say dry cleaning is always better compared to coin laundry and I have my set of reason also to have this opinion. To help you more in this regard here is simple dry cleaning vs coin laundry compassion and then you can understand why I give more value to dry cleaning.

Cost effectiveness:

Mostly people choose the coin laundry option because they get a chance to save money in this kind of cleaning. However, fact is just opposite to this because you get a chance to save more money in dry cleaning process. When you go for coin laundry, then you need to go to a particular place and you will need to pay money for your transportation as well along with other cleaning. Also, you need to press your dresses after coin laundry part is done and that would also consume electricity. That means you will need to invest money for that as well to have clean and wearable clothes. But, if you will give the clothes for dry cleaning, then you will not need to worry about other expenses and you will be able to get the services in a highly cost effective manner.

The biggest benefit that I like about dry cleaning is that you get complete convenience with it. When you choose the dry cleaning service for cleaning of your clothes then you simply get in touch with a dry cleaning service and then they can pick up the cloths for you from your place. That means you will get a lot of convenience from dry cleaning work. However, you cannot have this kind of convinces if you do the cleaning using coin laundry service. In that option you will have to go to the shop for coin laundry and you will need to do each and every work by yourself. So, if I would say that great continence is a factor that you can get only with dry cleaning but not with the coin laundry, then there is nothing wrong in that.

Suitability for clothes:
If you want to wash your polyester cloths then you can choose the coin laundry service and you might get good result also with that. But I cannot say that it is suitable for all kind of clothes because you cannot get good result with it in all the clothes. If you will try to wash some bigger clothes such as bed sheets then you might not get any good result with that. However, you will not have any trouble in the cleaning part because dry cleaning can do all kind of cleaning for you and for all kind of clothes. That means if you have dirty bigger clothes in your house, then you can choose the dry cleaning method for that. Also, some dresses such as velvet are not suitable for coin laundry and you need to use only dry cleaning method for that kind of cloths as well. Therefore for it is safe to say that dry cleaning is suitable for all kind of clothes in any condition.

Time saving:
When you wash your clothes using coin laundry service, then you need to go to the service center and then you need to do the cleaning by yourself. Also, if you will do the washing on a busy day such as Saturday or Sunday then you may get some extra crowd also at coin laundry service. That means you may need to invest more time in this work and you will end up consuming a lot of time in the cleaning process. But if we talk about the dry cleaning service then you can simply give the clothes to the service provider and then you can get the cleaning in easy manner. Also, your dry cleaning agency can pick the clothes from your home and they can drop it back to you at your home also after the cleaning process is completed. So, that is one more positive thing that you can get only with dry cleaning service but not with coin laundry service.

Better cleaning:
When you do the coin laundry work then you not always get the perfect cleaning from it. If you will try to clean your shirt then color and cuffs of your dirty shirts may not get as clean as you want it to be. Also, you might not be able to get rid of the stains and mark that you may get on your clothes if you will dry the coin laundry cleaning method. But if you will use dry cleaning method then it will not only remove all the stains from it, but you will be able to get better cleaning with it. So, if I would say that if you will choose a good quality dry cleaning services then it will not only reduce your trouble, but it will help you get better cleaning as well in easy manner.

Freedom from laundry work:
When you do the laundry work using coin laundry service, then you will need to iron your cloths as well. Other than this you will have to do other work as well in your laundry service. But you will not have this problem if you will use dry cleaning service because they will do all the laundry work for you and you will not need to do any extra efforts in that. Hence, that is one more benefit that you get with dry cleaning work but not with coin laundry system. So, now you know all the things about dry cleaning vs coin laundry and if you are still not sure about the right method of cleaning then you can take your decision in a wise manner on the basis of these things that I am sharing with you.